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The Cradle of Humanity

By Yann Perreau Author Bio: Yann Perreau is a writer, educator, contemporary art curator, and writing fellow for the Human Bridges project of the Independent Media Institute. He has published several books with French publishers on climate, anonymity, and more….

Hong Kong at 25: Retrospectives, Reflections and the Future

By Tammy Tam, Editor-in-Chief SCMP We look at how the city has changed since the handover, and what its future holds. FIND OUT MORE The nature of news often means focusing on the present. But on unique occasions, it is…

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The Editor Speaks: Why do we still drink and drive?

For as long as I can remember we still drink and drive. It doesn’t seem to matter how many statistics we publish at the accidents, deaths, injuries, etc that result from drinking and driving we still do it. It doesn’t…

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The Editor Speaks: My glasses are tinted

Am I breaking some obscure law? My eye glasses are tinted. 171 tickets were given out for having too dark a tint on their automobile’s windscreen. The RCIPS have proudly blazed that figure along with the very serious 283 speeding…

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Russian stores pull Holocaust graphic novel ahead of WWII anniversary

From Business Insider Moscow (AFP) – Russian bookstores were hastily removing an award-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust from their shelves on Monday, reportedly because its cover shows a Nazi swastika. “Maus”, by American artist and author Art Spiegelman won…

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Yoyo balls capable of strangulation seized at Caribbean Market

By Anthony Galloway Knox Leader From Herald Sun A total of 700 unlawful and dangerous products at Scoresby’s Caribbean Market were removed recently. Yoyo balls capable of strangling a child, sunglasses with no labelling and a pram were among the…

30 March – 2 April 2012