July 28, 2021

What to ask a Psychic (Be Prepared!)

When it comes to psychic readings, you indeed have many questions that you want to ask the psychic reader. They do not usually offer specific information but rather more open approaches that allow you to better understand certain aspects of your life and make the necessary changes. When you visit or face a psychic, it […]

To LGBTI allies and friends of the IBA: Invitation

From Leonardo Raznovich You are cordially invited to:  Release of publication “The Human Right to Respect for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Caribbean and Latin America, Current Situation and Prospects“ & Panel Discussion Criminalisation, Violence and Hate Crimes Pending tasks after the formal recognition of LGBTI people’s rights in Latin America and the […]

Cayman: BOT Open Letter RE – Pastoral & Community concerns regarding same’sex “Domestic Partnerships” or “Marriage”

From TRUTH WITH LANGUAGE On Pastoral and Community concerns for Cayman and the wider Caribbean” Grand Cayman, November 2020 RE: Pastoral & Community concerns regarding same’sex “Domestic Partnerships” or “Marriage”In August 2020, Baroness Sugg British Overseas Territories Minister of the FCDO, instructed the Governor of the Cayman lslands to use the UK’s reserve powers to […]

Change of life, changing lives

“The mountains are calling and I must go”  John Muir   By Denise Powers  Founder, Project Further  Have you ever dreamed of doing something huge? Something that makes a difference? Something that, at one time, you might have thought impossible? Something life-changing?  Have you ever been prevented from achieving such a dream by circumstances beyond your control, by […]

Caribbean CAUSE press release on the flying of the LGBT flag at US embassies in the Caribbean

June 22, 2021: The below-named Caribbean NGOs and churches view with disgust,the flying of the multi-coloured Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag on the grounds of the US Embassies in Caribbean nations. Flag of Intolerance The Homosexual-Bisexual-Transgender flag is a flag of intolerance and polarization.It represents gross disrespect and an assault upon the consciousness of our societies.  There is […]

Pride moves us

The Pride Moves Us group is the network created by SEAT S.A. employees to promote LGBTI+ inclusion The group has been operating for one year, coinciding with Pride Month, during which the company is organising a number of activities to raise awareness SEAT S.A.’s association with REDI, Spain’s first diversity and inclusion network for businesses, […]

Men’s Sexual Health: Effective ways to improve performance!

Are you one of those who want to improve endurance and performance in bed? Then, you’re not alone. Many men are looking for several techniques to enhance their intimate performance. Numerous ways can work to improve strength and keep your partner happy. So, what are those ways? Well, you might know that multiple pills and […]

Cayman: Colours Caribbean Welcomes Outcome Of Independent Review

Colours Caribbean welcomes the independent review and will now review carefully the conclusions. Additionally, we are delighted the Chief Justice concluded that the inconsistencies we highlighted between the statement by the court and the statement by the Clerk of the Court “led to justifiable concern.” We were deeply unimpressed with the Governor’s blatant dismissal of our […]

Cayman Islands Chief Justice re: “Case of Kattina Anglin v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands”

From The Chief Justice The case of Kattina Anglin v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands is of significant public interest. Case documents unjustifiably were not posted on the public website in a timely manner. The Clerk of the Court on 14th January 2021 explained, as she then understood it,  why the ex parte Leave […]

Sex in the digital era – ESET reveals new research into security of smart sex toys

BRATISLAVA – March 11, 2021 – Vulnerabilities in smart sex toys could leave users at risk of data breaches and attacks, both cyber and physical, according to a new white paper from global cybersecurity experts at ESET. The Sex in the Digital Era – How secure are smart sex toys? report explores the potential security […]