May 12, 2021

Cayman: Colours Caribbean Welcomes Outcome Of Independent Review

Colours Caribbean welcomes the independent review and will now review carefully the conclusions. Additionally, we are delighted the Chief Justice concluded that the inconsistencies we highlighted between the statement by the court and the statement by the Clerk of the Court “led to justifiable concern.” We were deeply unimpressed with the Governor’s blatant dismissal of our […]

Cayman Islands Chief Justice re: “Case of Kattina Anglin v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands”

From The Chief Justice The case of Kattina Anglin v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands is of significant public interest. Case documents unjustifiably were not posted on the public website in a timely manner. The Clerk of the Court on 14th January 2021 explained, as she then understood it,  why the ex parte Leave […]

Sex in the digital era – ESET reveals new research into security of smart sex toys

BRATISLAVA – March 11, 2021 – Vulnerabilities in smart sex toys could leave users at risk of data breaches and attacks, both cyber and physical, according to a new white paper from global cybersecurity experts at ESET. The Sex in the Digital Era – How secure are smart sex toys? report explores the potential security […]

Find love through a conversation: Main tips

In our quest for love, we live and learn; from all aspects of building a relationship, we take time to work out the things that work for us during conversations and those areas that are best avoided. Although this can take varying amounts of time for everyone, we all pick up tips along our journeys […]

Are you suspicious of your partner’s incoming calls?

While most people are keen to be in a relationship that is loving, comforting, and filled with trust, there are times when some people become suspicious of their partners. One thing that many people fear is that their partner might cheat on them, and this has become far easier these days because of platforms such […]

Natanyah’s ‘Night Table’

Natanyah takes ‘Night Table’ to the masses Toronto, Ontario (Sonique Solutions) – Caribbean-Canadian Natanyah Peterkin has released her new book ‘Night Table to the international market. Night Table, is a collection of provocatively written poetry that is both soul-stretching and sensually awakening. This book of erotic, enticing poetry is geared towards arousing all of its […]

5 ways to keep your man in love with you forever

Relationships are not always comfortable and happy. There will come a time where almost every day is just a routine—no sparks and worst, no sex life. However, you can take charge to keep your relationship happy and healthy. A woman like you should also need to move since a relationship should be give-and-take. You can’t […]

How to build a relationship with lifestyle differences

Lifestyle difference has remained a very complicated factor for many relationships. For many, it’s the spice of their journey together, while others have seen these differences ruin a potentially unique relationship. Whatever the case, no two individuals are the same. Hence, people in whatever kind of relationship have learned to deal with the difference in […]

Valentine’s Day Recipe

Calling all chocolate lovers! Chocolate Desserts to Make for Valentine’s Day By Genny Joyce Recipe RoundUP From Yummly 54 Unforgettable Chocolate Valentine’s Day Desserts That Say “I Love You” From easy brownies and elegant chocolate truffles to showstopping chocolate cakes and soufflés, here are 54 irresistible ways to indulge in the cacao bean this Valentine’s […]

Fall in love with LV

Fall in Love with Las Vegas The destination ignites passion with Valentine’s Day specials. LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas is the place to love and be loved this February. The destination’s romantic world-class restaurants, blissful spas, unique attractions and picturesque wedding chapels will set the mood for the perfect lovers’ rendezvous. As love fills the air […]