May 12, 2021

Rafael Nadal, Kia and Babolat collaborate to produce unique tennis bag with inspirational motifs

Children from Rafa Nadal Foundation draw patterns incorporated into the styling of Babolat’s limited-edition tennis bag Kia and Babolat join forces by sharing their spirit of empowering movement, innovation and performance in mobility and sports Since relaunching its brand at start of 2021, Kia continues to accelerate transformation as advanced, eco-friendly mobility company with series […]

US: Backlash rises over claim NFL prefers white quarterbacks

By Eric Mack From Newsmax White ESPN announcer Max Kellerman is suggesting NFL teams’ scouts and top brass are racist when it comes to drafting a Black quarterback, despite some noting the top 4 highest-paid players are all Black quarterbacks. Kellerman said it is on his “radar” the projected top three picks in Thursday’s NFL […]

Sunset Pooltime

Sunset Pooltime In Langkawi And Machine Elf 69 MACHINE ELF – WE ARE MADE FROM STARS | TREY RATCLIFF & JOSHUA RYAN From Stuck In Customs Welcome to a very different Machine Elf creation! All my latest ones seem to be my favorite, but this one definitely gives a new perspective on the cinematic quality […]

Sutton Hoo Treasure: One of the richest treasures ever found in British soil

Author: Sam Jacobs From KELLYCO What do you do when you have multiple Anglo-Saxon burial mounds on your property? You ask your local archaeologist to come by and check it out. And what if he happens to find one of the biggest treasures of the era? Well, we don’t have to speculate, because this actually happened. The Hoxne Hoard might have […]

Cayman Governor calls for respect during wait to form Government

From Office of the Governor The process of forming a Government is always a tense time, and I recognise that there is uncertainty at the moment. However, since the General Election I have been concerned and saddened to see the way in which some people in our community have behaved, particularly in various online fora […]

Cayman Drama: Vote Shakespeare

Members Night: Last chance to vote for Shakespeare play! It is your last chance to vote on which Shakespeare play we will be screening for the upcoming member’s night on the Bards Birthday weekend. Please remember to register for a free ticket below if you are attending (at the moment we have more votes than […]

Cayman: DPSC raise 911 awareness in Sister Islands

CAYMAN ISLANDS (GIS) – Team members from the Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC) were in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman last week conducting presentations to better inform the public about the life-saving role of 911. “As the first of the first responders, the high level of professionalism, care and dedication displayed by our 911 […]

Pandemic canceled handshakes, hugs; what are the repercussions?

By Lynn Allison From NEWSMAX For over a year we have been told not to shake hands, hug, or God forbid, kiss people when we greet them in public. The pandemic precautions mean that people, especially those who live alone and do not have family members to embrace, might have suffered a lack of physical […]

April Fool’s Day

From EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE DAILY HISTORY PODCAST Every day on April 1st, you have to be careful what you read and hear. This day, known to accounts as the beginning of the second quarter, is known to most people as April Fool’s Day.  Why do we have a day where we try to trick people, and […]

Hong Kong National Security Law

By Yonden Lhatoo, Chief News Editor South China Morning Post Dear Reader It’s a done deal now. Hong Kong’s entire political structure will be overhauled after China’s top legislative body last week approved fundamental and far-reaching changes to the city’s electoral system. Several of the key elements in the shakeup were expected, but there were some surprises and […]