May 12, 2021

How to motivate yourself to run on a rainy day

By Kevin Nelson You’re raring to go and ready for your daily run. What could possibly stop you? Well, the weather for one thing. Dragging yourself out to pound the pavements on a rainy day can feel like an impossible chore.  It’s easy to start making excuses and to let yourself off the hook. Maybe […]

Cayman: Child Month swings into action with C.A.P.E

CAYMAN ISLANDS (GIS) – May’s Child Month will celebrate the importance of childhood across the Cayman Islands with diverse events to empower youth and children.             The Department of Children and Family Services’ (DCFS) theme for this year’s observance is My C.A.P.E – Challenges are Passable for Everyone. The theme reminds children and adults that while circumstances […]

How to improve your work/life balance

There’s a saying that some people live to work while others work to live. In fact, if you read about the lifestyles of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs, one thing that may stand out to you is how much they strive to achieve work/life balance, whether it’s ensuring that they have time […]

UK: Leasehold property sales are driving activity in these areas of the property market

Research from Warwick Estates has revealed the areas of England where leasehold home sales are driving the property market, accounting for as much as 99% of transactions.  Warwick Estates analysed property transactions across England to have completed over the last year, highlighting which pockets of the market are home to the highest number of leasehold homes as […]

Community Members

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio From as far back as 1974 (which to me doesn’t seem that long ago) I have felt part of a community. The community of people like you and me. Out of the ordinary folks who know what good sound is and are willing to invest their time, passion, and […]

Iconic mansion from ‘The Godfather’

The iconic mansion from ‘The Godfather’ is back on the market at a $105 million discount. Look inside the Beverly Hills estate. By Katie Warren From Business Insider The iconic mansion seen in 1972 classic film “The Godfather” is back on the market for $89.75 million. That’s a roughly $105 million discount from its $195 […]

Covid-19 fuels investors’ tech interests

From FDi Intelligence Survey shows post-pandemic FDI will be ploughed into markets rich in R&D and innovation By Danielle Myles March 29, 2021 Investors are prioritising innovation and research and development (R&D) capabilities in their decision-making, as Covid-19 sharpens their focus on high value-added investments, a recent survey of 500 business leaders has found. The […]

Cayman: Colours Caribbean Welcomes Outcome Of Independent Review

Colours Caribbean welcomes the independent review and will now review carefully the conclusions. Additionally, we are delighted the Chief Justice concluded that the inconsistencies we highlighted between the statement by the court and the statement by the Clerk of the Court “led to justifiable concern.” We were deeply unimpressed with the Governor’s blatant dismissal of our […]

Cayman Islands Chief Justice re: “Case of Kattina Anglin v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands”

From The Chief Justice The case of Kattina Anglin v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands is of significant public interest. Case documents unjustifiably were not posted on the public website in a timely manner. The Clerk of the Court on 14th January 2021 explained, as she then understood it,  why the ex parte Leave […]

Complex relationship of South Korean and casinos

It is not hidden from anyone that South Korea and Gambling has a very complex relationship. Although, there are many complications for Korean nationals to play casino games and do gambling, still they love it. South Korean is one giant Internet countries in the world and has been providing Internet to the different world countries […]