June 3, 2023

Outright International to hold 27th Celebration of Courage Awards and Gala

Event To Be Hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race Winner BeBe Zahara Benet Honorees Include Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE), Google.org and the Queer Cast of Star Trek: Discovery  New York, New York – May 8, 2023 – Outright International, a global human rights organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTIQ people across […]

CatholicVote Ad Campaign urges Dodgers boycott

By Nicole Wells From Newsmax CatholicVote, one of the nation’s top Catholic advocacy groups, sent a letter to the Los Angeles Dodgers to express “disgust” at the baseball club’s decision to reinvite an anti-Catholic drag queen group to its stadium and to announce the launch of a $1 million ad campaign calling for a boycott of […]

12 ways to increase happiness and peace in your home

By Alex Heinz From Apartment Guide March 18, 2020 From getting ready in the morning to coming home after a long busy day, your home should be a safe space where you can relax and reset. The way you organize your space and the habits you have within it can have a big impact on […]

How Seniors Are Using Creativity to Boost Their Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Photo by Richard Sagredo on Unsplash Art has long been considered as an effective means of self-expression and healing. Painting, sketching, and crafts can provide a variety of advantages for seniors’ mental and emotional well-being. In this article, we will look at how seniors are utilizing art to improve their well-being and quality of life. […]

US: Navy used nonbinary Drag Queen sailor to recruit

screenshot By Michael Katz From Newsmax The U.S. Navy, trying to boost its sagging recruiting numbers among people ages 18-29, used a drag queen sailor who identifies as nonbinary as a digital ambassador to broaden its reach of potential recruits through digital and social media platforms. Yeoman 3nd Class Joshua Kelley, whose stage name is “Harpey […]

Cayman: Colours Caribbean has officially opened its “Colours Community Centre,” the first of its kind in the Cayman Islands

As a multi-regional, legally registered non-profit organisation representing and serving the marginalised and vulnerable LGBTQIA+ people of the Caribbean and Latin America, Colours Caribbean is proud to announce the opening of our new “Colours Community Centre” in the Cayman Islands. Our “Colours Community Centre” will serve a multitude of purposes, chief among them being the provision of […]

Thinning bones may be a warning of mental decline

From Newsmax For some older adults, thinning bones may be a harbinger of waning memory, a new study suggests. The study, of more than 3,600 older adults, found that those with relatively low bone density were at greater risk of being diagnosed with dementia within the next decade. The one-third of participants with the lowest […]

Jamaica tries new approach to disabilities

In this Caribbean nation, many with disabilities have faced untold hardship. Social entrepreneurs, as well as new laws on the books, seek to change that. Sponsored by  Overwhelmed Kate Chappell in Kingston, [email protected]   On a warm November morning, residents of Kingston’s Bethlehem Home were gathered on a covered veranda, many in wheelchairs. A boy named […]

5 Steps to jump-start your fitness program

By Lynn Allison  From Newsmax One of the best ways to start your New Year off on the right foot is to plan a fitness program to benefit both your physical and mental health. According to U.S. News & World Report, 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions and 80% of them fail by February. Dieting and […]

How to improve your sexual performance with specialized medical products

If you don’t perform well sexually, then you will never experience true satisfaction. It’s also worth noting that if you have performance issues, your sexual partners won’t ever achieve satisfaction either. Your partners not being satisfied could ruin your relationships with them and motivate them to go and find other people to have sex with. […]