February 26, 2020

The Editor speaks: The assault on the West Bay Road by ??/?? – UPDATED

“Police continue to investigate the assault that took place on Friday 21 February at the Coral Beach. The parties involved were all said to be present between 8:30PM on Friday 21 February and 12:30AM on Saturday, 22 February. “Police are appealing to everyone who was present at this location during this time frame provided, to […]

The Editor speaks: Our plastics ban is ludicrous

We have published today a Press Release re- “the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Stakeholder Committee is in agreement to recommend restrictive legislation on certain single-use plastics in the Cayman Islands effective at the start of January 2021.” The Release continues: it “will include legislation to restrict certain single-use plastic items such as: single-use check out shopping […]

The Editor speaks: Was Cayman punished by the EU or was it our own fault?

Just a few weeks after the UK left the European Union they place us (a British Protectorate) on their list of non-cooperative jurisdictions regarding tax issues. We missed passing a crucial piece of legislation before a key deadline by a matter of days. Premier Alden McLaughlin said he was “deeply disappointed”. So, why did it […]

The Editor speaks: Government accounts are nearly there but NOT nearly enough!

Auditor General, Sue Winspear, is ‘delighted’ in the progress our government departments have made over the past FIFTEEN years in getting their financial reporting executed in time. Most, anyway, but there were some serious exceptions. FOUR out of the forty audits. Unfortunately, these four are key agencies – The Ministry of Health, the Cayman Islands […]

The Editor speaks: Too many carnivals? Will there be a “Sweet Peg”?

Can you have too many carnivals? In Haiti they can’t have too many carnivals. However, this is largely due, according to Paul Sanaon writing on the Mirvaldy-intelect website, due to the Haitian politicians who “are wired to use carnival as a drug that can heal all Haiti’s sicknesses”. He writes his blog under the title […]

The Editor speaks: Rudeness to customers at fast food outlets

We hear continually of customers being rude to employees of restaurants, especially in the fast food businesses and even throwing food at them. Disgraceful. However, I have had experiences the other way round and other persons have reported to me of similar occurrences. Only yesterday I telephoned my order in to a fast food outlet […]

The Editor speaks: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

The above is one of the most famous lines from the pen of William Shakespeare. It’s from “Hamlet” and although my quoting it has nothing to do with the character in the play, it came immediately to mind when I saw “a peaceful protest” is being planned this Saturday. We have so many protests going […]

The Editor speaks: Where hate is protected. Here in the Cayman Islands?

Since my condemnation, in a recent Editorial I wrote, against MLA Anthony Eden’s attempt (that succeeded) in linking one of the reasons for our recent earthquake to God’s vengeance on the LGBTQ brigade, I have been taken to task myself for condemning him. Here is some more fodder to be used against me… There is […]

The Editor speaks: Can you read God’s mind?

Whilst I one hundred per cent agree with the motion passed in the Legislative Assembly last Friday “to affirm that expressions of Christian doctrine and scriptures by Christian organisations and individuals is a right protected by the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009”, I fervently wish we wouldn’t try to read God’s mind. “If you cannot […]

The Editor speaks: If DoE recommendations are ignored why do we bother to have one?

The answer to my question is probably, “because it looks good on paper”. The reason for asking this question is because of the latest “Coastal Works Review” issued on January 8th 2020, and prepared to give advice to government not to allow a coastal works application by the owners of the Marriott Beach Resort and […]