August 7, 2020

The Editor speaks: When is a Christian NOT a Christian?

Answer: If he or she supports a Bill giving Christian rights to persons who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. This was the astonishing decision from the majority of our MLA’s who voted against the Domestic Partnership Bill.that did not give the LGBTQ+ community the right to get married here but the basic human rights we […]

Letter to the Editor: UK military expansion in the Caribbean

THE EDITOR, Sir: The recent announcement by the new United Kingdom (UK) defence attaché that the UK wishes to expand its relationship with Caribbean nations comes on the cusp of an offer in 2015 by the UK to build a prison in the island for Jamaicans in UK prisons. This was rejected even more so […]

The Editor speaks: All Cayman’s athletes have been banned from competing world-wide

It is with much astonishment and dismay at reading a copy of a letter from the Cayman Islands Athletic Association to its members advising them that the North American Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC) has imposed a sanction on the Cayman Islands Athletic Association. The sanction prevents any athlete from the Cayman Islands […]

The Editor speaks: A four year tourism plan to …….?

It was with some excitement when I downloaded the “Cayman Islands NTP – National Tourism Plan 2019-2023. I was going to learn how and when our government was going to get us all back on track to the recovery of our tourism product. I am mistaken. The document was written well before COVID-19 hit our […]

The Editor speaks: Is anarchy taking over?

Anarchy is the state of a society being freely constituted without authorities or a governing body. It may also refer to a society or group of people that totally rejects a set hierarchy. – Wikipedia With, quite rightly, the press and universal protests over police brutality, especially against the black community, I have to ask […]

The Editor speaks: Turning signals that are rarely used and never ticketed

Turning signals are rarely used by motorists here in the Cayman Islands. Failure to use turning signals. even if it is witnessed by the Cayman Island Police Traffic Unit, the offending motorists are never ticketed. Failure to use turning signals correctly, or not used at all, cause accidents. At the public meetings organised by the […]

Two new appointments to Collas Crill’s Property team in Cayman

Collas Crill Cayman has made two new appointments to its Property team. Gina Berry joined the Cayman office in early July as Partner, taking overall responsibility for managing the firm’s Property practice area. With more than 25 years’ legal experience, Gina joins the firm from Higgs & Johnson where she ran the Commercial Property department, […]

The Editor speaks: When will they ever learn? They won’t!!

You can preach as much as you like that you must act with responsibility, but unless you impose it by some form of force there will always be the elements that won’t. They believe they have their right to act as they please. If it is their believed right to give themselves the poison so […]

Amandala Editorial: Lord Ashcroft buys a greater share of Belize

From Amandala, Belize News of a pending sale of Scotia Bank Belize, which had been operating in our country since 1968, has been floating around since last year, and with the bank selling off assets in the Caribbean, and also closing their branches in Spanish Lookout and Placencia in 2018, it was clear that a […]

Sir Ronald Sanders: Caribbean among countries being unfairly targeted by US senators over Cuba

By Sir Ronald Sanders From Tribune242 THREE US senators, who have done little to advance the interests of the Caribbean and with whom requests for meetings by many Caribbean Ambassadors are usually shunted to their staff, are now proposing US government punishment for Caribbean countries that request assistance from Cuba for medical personnel. The three […]