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The Editor Speaks: iEyeNews new look website

After nearly thirteen years I decided to give ourselves a new look. Whilst the old website had done us proud all this time, it was looking old. And, because of the huge amounts of hits we get (between five and seven million hits per month as recorded by Cloudflare), plus the over 8,500 articles you can access, it was constantly breaking down under the load.

The old design, however, was practical. It was designed that way by past manager, Colleen McGaw and myself and the main feature was to ensure ALL the new and almost new news and features were there to see immediately on the front page.

However, times have moved on and all it needs is a click and Smart Phones have almost made that premise extinct.

I must now applaud the IT Company we have worked with for almost all our years, DELPHI Ltd , under the leadership of long time friend and thespian, Malcolm Ellis, and especially the man I have leaned on most of these years, their Project Co-ordinator, Cleon Green. He took our old design, took all its best parts and made it look brand new.

I cannot recommend these two specialists more highly. I, and my overseas associate in South Carolina, USA, Carol Ann Rudy, have heard nothing but positive feedback from our many readers all over the world.

Thank you Cleon. A really great job.

Colin Wilson, Editor-in-Chief.

Joan Wilson, Publisher.

PS: As both Jo and I are advancing in age (and also Carol Ann) – we are all in our 80’s – Jo will be 90 in September, ieyenews is up for sale. We have had three recent valuations executed, not on what ir brings in moneywise now, but its potential. It is an affiliate of DowJones/News Corp and an associate of the US online News and TV Company Newsmax. Although based in the Cayman Islands, our readership is 55% from the USA and we carry news, blogs and articles from all over the world. I believe we are unique in this.

If anyone is interested please contact me at [email protected]


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