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Cayman: Sign Up for our Little Detectives Camp

Join Our Little Detectives Camp!

Embark on a thrilling adventure with our Little Detectives Camp, where young minds become skilled sleuths, uncovering the mysteries of their own senses! Led by expert occupational and speech and language therapists, this unique camp goes beyond the ordinary to explore the fascinating world of sensory clues and social thinking.

When: 8th – 12th July 2024, from 2pm to 4pm

Where: CHATTERBOX, Casuarina Point, 218 South Church Street, GT

Cost: CI$400 for the week

At Little Detectives Camp, children will delve into the intricacies of their senses, learning how to decode the signals their bodies send them. Through engaging activities and interactive sessions, they’ll discover how to navigate their feelings, emotions and behaviour with confidence and understanding.

Using the innovative Interoception Curriculum and Social Thinking strategies, our camp provides a solid framework for children to comprehend and respond to the world around them. From deciphering social cues to mastering social language skills, every moment is an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Explore, Learn and Have Fun! Join us for an unforgettable week of adventure and self-discovery!

Please note that the group will only run if a minimum of 4 children sign up.

*Ages 4-8 years

For more information and to register:

 Sign Up Here: Register Here

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 949-7065


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