June 6, 2023

6 mistakes you need to avoid on your Caribbean vacation

Here are six mistakes you must avoid on your Caribbean vacation. Dive into our how-tos and hell-nos. Read for more.

Skin cancer: Summer – 5 things to know to prevent skin cancer

Dr. Braghiroli A common skin cancer misconception is that when skin contains a higher amount of melanin, people with darker skin do not have to worry about exposure to the sun’s radiation. While it is true that skin cancer is far less prevalent in dark-skinned populations, experts say anybody can be at risk for the disease. Especially individuals […]

Novel products, misleading information threaten to undo decades of gains against tobacco use

World No Tobacco Day 2023 Novel products, misleading information threaten to undo decades of gains against tobacco use screenshot To watch video click HERE Washington, DC, May 29, 2023 (PAHO)- While the percentage of the population using tobacco in the Americas declined from 28% to 16.3% between 2000 and 2020, novel products and misleading information from […]

Even mild COVID can cause long-term heart damage

By Lynn Allison From Newsmax Dreamstime A new study confirms that lingering effects of a COVID-19 infection, also known as Long COVID, can impact cardiovascular health. The research conducted by an international team of scientists found that people infected by even mild cases of COVID-19 experienced stiffer and more dysfunctional arteries two to three months after […]

Ketamine nasal spray alleviates severe migraine

Dreamstime From Newsmax A nasal spray containing ketamine might help relieve migraine headaches when other treatments fail, a new study suggests. Ketamine is a synthetic anesthetic with hallucinogenic effects that is sometimes used intravenously for migraine headaches. It’s being tried for treatment-resistant depression, too. But it’s also a potentially addictive “party” drug so it is […]

US: DEA revokes license of large distributor of opioids

Dreamstime From Newsmax The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration stripped one of the nation’s largest drug distributors of its license to sell highly addictive painkillers Friday after determining it failed to flag thousands of suspicious orders at the height of the opioid crisis. The action against Morris & Dickson Co. that threatens to put it out […]

Cayman: Public Health Spotlight- Monthly Issue 8- April 2023 Publication Date: 25 May 2023

Grand Cayman, Thursday, 25 May 2023: The Public Health Department published its eighth monthly Public Health Spotlight on Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) since the announced changed on August 31, 2022. From the Desk of Sabrina Turner So much happens in May.  International Nurses Day, Mother’s Day, Child Month, and Mental Health Awareness Month (US) […]

Cayman: Ministry of Health and Wellness supports ADACI with $50,000 Grant

      From Ministry of Health and Wellness Grand Cayman, Monday, 29 May 2023- On Saturday, 27 May, Minister for Health & Wellness, Hon. Sabrina Turner, presented the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands (ADACI) with a grant on behalf of the Ministry of Health & Wellness in the amount of CI$50,000. […]

Cayman: ReGen negotiations extended to 31 July

Premier says financial close for the project is in sight Grand Cayman – Negotiations between the Cayman Islands Government and Dart to reach financial close for ReGen, Cayman’s Energy and Recycling Centre are nearing completion and financial close for the project is now expected before 31 July. Premier and Minister of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency, […]

SCMP: Graduates explore rural jobs, C919 jet completes first commercial flight, and more

From South China Morning Post CHINA ECONOMIC UPDATE To read all the above articles go to SCMP