February 26, 2020

Castle Bruce Primary in Dominica enhances early grade reading instruction through innovative student and parent engagement

OECS/USAID Early Learners Program (ELP) By Sisera Simon Head, Education Development Management Unit Thursday, February 6, 2020 — Castle Bruce Primary in the Commonwealth of Dominica received grant funding from the OECS/USAID Early Learners Programme (ELP) to implement an innovative and interactive programme for both students and parents that has delivered positive reading results. As part […]

Cayman: Truman Bodden Law School publishes new book

Truman Bodden Law School’s Academic Press has recently published the third edition of Equity & Trusts, a textbook explaining the English law of trusts. Written by Law School Deputy Director Scott Atkins, this is the third edition of his work, which is designed to guide undergraduate students at the Law School in understanding an area which […]

Regional educators meet to strengthen the teaching of early grade reading in the OECS!

By Tracey Warner-Arnold, OECS/USAID Early Learners Program (ELP) Media Release Thursday, January 23, 2020 — The OECS/USAID Early Learners Programme (ELP) hosted a regional conference for Education Officers (EOs) to foster a collaborative approach to strengthening the teaching of reading in six OECS Member States (Antigua and Barbuda, The Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint​​​​Kitts and […]

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism?

By Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. From Newsmax Thirteen million Americans — equal to the populations of Los Angeles and Chicago combined — have a miserable, deadly disease. And they don’t even know it. These Americans suffer from hypothyroidism, a condition characterized by the thyroid gland producing too little of the various thyroid hormones. Half of […]

The Oldest Book in America

From I Love Typography Printing was introduced into the Americas by the Italian Giovanni Paoli, better known as Juan Pablos. The first book issued from his press in Mexico City was Doctrina breve, a Spanish handbook of Christian doctrine, written by Juan de Zumárraga, Mexico’s first bishop, and printed in 1539 — making it the Western Hemisphere’s first printed book. […]

The Publisher speaks: Recycled

Do you sometimes wish, especially after Christmas and the New Year, you could be recycled? I certainly do. However, I don’t think you would want to be recycled exactly like our real Christmas trees..? Read on: RECYCLED PITIFUL ME By Joan (Watler) Wilson Well, Christmas is over and I’m still in the lounge If anyone […]

Best-selling author British Lindsay de Feliz, who was found dead in a shallow Caribbean grave, told friends she was ‘worried something might happen to her’ – as her husband (to whom she gave a small fortune) remains under arrest

By Paul Bracchi and Greg Woodfield in The Dominica Republic For The Daily Mail UK Lindsay de Feliz went to the Caribbean, she said, in ‘search of a dream’. She thought she’d found it in the miles of unspoilt beaches, spectacular waterfalls and breathtaking tropical rainforests of the Dominican Republic. So, nearly 20 years ago, […]

The Publisher’s Xmas: Christmas Frustrations

From Joan Wilson I was standing in the checkout line My attitude was getting worse I had no more patience left nor mind And less and less money in my purse * People were pushing and shoving With aching arms from my heavy basket I had lost my Christmas spirit And I didn’t even try […]

Sion Hill Government School in St. Vincent innovates with agriculture to improve literacy!

By Tracey Warner-Arnold From OECS/USAID Early Learners Program Wednesday, December 18, 2019 — As part of the OECS/USAID Early Learners Programme (ELP) within the Education Development Management Unit of the OECS Commission, small grants were provided to support school-based reading intervention projects.  Sion Hill Government School in St. Vincent chose to combine agriculture with reading to […]

94 schools across the OECS benefit from grants to improve literacy

By Tracey Warner-Arnold Branding & Marking Consultant for the OECS/USAID Early Learners Programme (ELP) Wednesday, December 4, 2019 — Canaries Infant School (Saint Lucia) Uses Grant to Improve Boys Reading Levels! As part of the OECS/USAID Early Learners Programme (ELP) within the Education Development Management Unit of the OECS Commission, small grants were provided under the […]