September 19, 2021

Which Types of Books you can Find on Z Library?

Book lovers are always in search of new, interesting, and knowledgeable books. The selection of reading books depends on their Taste of Knowledge. Some people are limited to reading books, via their educational carrier. But some of them continue reading and even collecting books after their educational carrier. These are true book lovers, who don’t […]

Энциклопедия советского шпионажа. 500 провалов за 45 лет

В издательстве McFarland готовится к публикации книга, которую можно назвать энциклопедией советского шпионажа: “Советские шпионы в мире: по странам с 1940 по 1988 год”. Автору этого исследования Питеру Полаку удалось обнаружить около 500 случаев высылки сотрудников советских дипмиссий и других представительств за рубежом и составить каталог этих провалов советской разведки. Не все из высланных обязательно и непременно […]

February 2022 Book Release: Cayman Writer Peter Polack’s Soviet Spies Worldwide: Country by Country, 1940–1988

Book Extract On 24 September 1971 the UK expelled 90 Soviet diplomatic and other representatives on espionage charges and barred the return of 15 others who were temporarily out of the country. The names of the 105 Soviet intelligence operatives had been provided one month earlier to British counterintelligence officers by a KGB defector, Oleg Adolfovich Lyalin, who also […]

Why storytelling is the secret of every great content creator

By Tiffany Harpe With content being churned out every day, more people are going into content creation now than ever. It may be Facebook posts, Instagram stories, youtube videos, Pinterest pins, or blog posts. The critical thing is the message and how you are delivering it. Content creation has become a very saturated and diverse […]

Global Digital Library

The Library marks the first Digital Public Good for Education in the OECS Wednesday, September 8, 2021 — The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission is pleased to announce the launch of the Global Digital Library as its first Digital Public Good for education. This launch is an important part of the broader strategic objective of the […]

September is fully booked at Camana Bay in celebration of Literacy Month

International Literacy Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, 8 September, but the calendar for the full month of September is “fully booked” at Camana Bay to mark the town’s annual Literacy Month celebration. Literacy Month features a host of activities and opportunities designed to foster and encourage a love a reading for all.  Camana Bay […]

Your content creation is made easy with WeedCopywriter

The production of content falls short to the bottom of the priority list. Whether you are a talented writer, it may be challenging to consistently dedicate the time and energy necessary to produce high-quality material for your website. Additionally, excellent content is also something your website needs to perform effectively, both in terms of operating […]

Soviet Spies A Worldwide Directory, 1940-1988

Expelled Soviet Spies von Peter Polack | ISBN 978-1-4766-8573-1 | Fachbuch online kaufen – Between 1970 and 1986, countries around the world expelled hundreds of Soviet officials and personnel for espionage or other misconduct. One official source puts the number at 672 for the 16-year period, or an average of 42 expulsions per year. […]

Cayman: UCCI’s Work-Based Learning Programme continues expansion

The University College of the Cayman Islands is welcoming a host of local businesses on board as it continues to expand a reenergized Work-Based Learning programme. In the past year, partners in the program have provided over $100,000 of support to students engaged in the program.             In the past, UCCI has partnered with numerous […]

Hidden Truth: Caribbean Soldier Executions in the First World War by Peter Polack

Seventeen year old Herbert Morris a Jamaican from Riversdale in the parish if St. Catherine was executed on 20 September 1917 behind a church in Poperinge, Belgium. He was one of thousands of West Indian volunteers who travelled thousands of miles to war in a strange land only to die from court martial for essentially […]