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Transform your business model with the Business Sustainability Management programme by Lee Kong Chian School of Business.


Why Study Business Sustainability?

Sustainability has become a business imperative due to changing global perspectives.

The United Nation’s Business for 2030 initiative is re-framing sustainable development and corporate sustainability aligned to the Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), paving the way for businesses to demonstrate the central role they can play in both sustainable development and human prosperity.

Programme Details
Starts onSTARTS ON 29 March 2024
DurationDURATION 3 Months,
4-6 hours per week
FormatFORMAT Online
Programme FeesPROGRAMME FEES USD 2,049
This means Business Leaders should possess right knowledge to evaluate and implement sustainable strategies for value driven approach in this circular economy.

In the online Sustainability Strategies and Green Economy Programme offered by Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business, build your capacity to integrate sustainable business strategies to transform your corporate values and build consumer loyalty that transcends traditional marketing approaches, while sustaining the planet and the needs of future generations.

Emerge as a professional who understands the importance of sustainable operations and pioneer sustainable strategies in your organisation to improve business performance and mitigate carbon footprint.

Speak to our program advisor and complete your application within 7 days to receive a tuition assistance of 15% on the application fees.

Through video lectures delivered by SMU Faculty, you will learn how to create sustainable strategic business plans to drive future-oriented momentum.
Articulate the importance of sustainable production, consumption, and operations
.● Examine the models, frameworks and strategies that drive organisational decision-making in the face of global issues such as climate change.
Assess the existing national and international regulations, reporting measures and standards surrounding environmental best practices and apply them at an organisational level.
Determine sustainability risks and opportunities from a strategic perspective and evaluate their impact on multiple stakeholders.
Investigate the sustainability leadership skills and competencies needed to implement climate risk practices and create long-term value for internal and external stakeholders.
Explore the potential of technology and innovation to enable business sustainability and support sustainable development.
Is this Programme Right for Me?

The programme is designed for Senior Business Professionals and Leaders who want to:
● Build capacity to operationalise strategic sustainability strategies to drive business innovation and long-term growth
● Pioneer organisational decision-making keeping climate change in mind
● Accelerate your organisation’s sustainability journey to drive new business value with sustainability and resilience at the coreThe programme is applicable across leadership, managerial, and consultancy functions; in major industries such as Technology, Banking & Finance, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, IT, Marketing, International Trade and Development, Customer Goods, and Manufacturing.

Flexible payment options starting from USD 662 available.


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