February 26, 2020

The Editor speaks: The assault on the West Bay Road by ??/?? – UPDATED

“Police continue to investigate the assault that took place on Friday 21 February at the Coral Beach. The parties involved were all said to be present between 8:30PM on Friday 21 February and 12:30AM on Saturday, 22 February. “Police are appealing to everyone who was present at this location during this time frame provided, to […]

Martin: Messiah Netflix Series—Who do you say he is?

By Melissa Martin Will he “convert you or con you?” the 10 episode series trailer for “Messiah” asks, but does not answer. The Netflix series “Messiah” produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey is sparking discussion and debate. Like most films about faith, Messiah raises thought-provoking questions. Is he a prophet, the returning Jesus, or the anti-Christ? […]

OPINION: The American left will eventually be responsible for Trump’s re-election

By Nathan Jolly Green Trump’s most valuable re-election tool is Bernie Sanders. Because if Sanders gets selected to stand against Trump as the Democratic choice, every voter right of left, left of right, center of right, and the right-wing will vote for Trump. No one with any intelligence wants to see or suffer what Sander […]

The Editor speaks: Our plastics ban is ludicrous

We have published today a Press Release re- “the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Stakeholder Committee is in agreement to recommend restrictive legislation on certain single-use plastics in the Cayman Islands effective at the start of January 2021.” The Release continues: it “will include legislation to restrict certain single-use plastic items such as: single-use check out shopping […]

Hearing what you want to hear

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio We sometimes front-load our expectations into what we believe people will say or what a system should sound like. I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked into a room full of speakers and prejudged their performance before the music started playing. Often, I am surprised, both pleasantly […]

The Editor speaks: Was Cayman punished by the EU or was it our own fault?

Just a few weeks after the UK left the European Union they place us (a British Protectorate) on their list of non-cooperative jurisdictions regarding tax issues. We missed passing a crucial piece of legislation before a key deadline by a matter of days. Premier Alden McLaughlin said he was “deeply disappointed”. So, why did it […]

Audio shows

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio This April’s Chicago’s Axpona audio show seems far off in the future. Yet, we’re already planning for it. My wife, Terri, runs our shows and she’s already busy arranging all the necessary details. Thank goodness for her. If it were left up to me and the engineers it’d be […]

Martin: Delete negative energy

Wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a delete button or buzzer to push for negativity? Buzzz. Your bad, sad, rad mood is gone. Buzzz. Complaining is banished. Buzzz. Self-pity is kicked out the door. Delete. Delete. Delete. Negative energy no more.  Humans are energy-producing creatures. We have physically measurable electromagnetic fields generated by living […]

Time machines

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Wouldn’t it be wild if we could bring some of the early audio pioneers like Emile Berliner, Thomas Edison, Alan Blumlien, or even Alexander Graham Bell into the future? Sit them down and play for them a modern stereo system. From their perspective, I’ll bet they’d think we had […]

Moral pollution and the moral revolution

By Louis Moyston From Jamaica Observer The issue of corruption is not a modern behaviour in Jamaica; it is rooted in the history from slavery through colonialism to the present. In fact, one of the major problems in Jamaica during the 1865 period was political corruption. There were cases of blatant corrupt activities by Governor Edward […]