May 9, 2021

Dominica invites you to work in nature

The Extended Stay Visa allows you to relocate to Dominica and work remotely for up to 18 months! Friday, May 7, 2021 — The Work in Nature (WIN) Programme is the answer for digital nomads and those working remotely who want to escape to a stress free and unrestrictive living and working environment. Dominica’s management […]

Campaigners urge U.K. to criminalize child marriage

Forced marriageFreedom United community powers open letter urging U.K. to ban child marriageMore than 20 organizations signed an open letter to the U.K. Prime Minister this week calling on the government to criminalize child marriage, a move that would protect children from being coerced into marriages against their will. The Freedom United community’s voice also […]

Letter to the Editor

Painful times ahead All autocracies and dictatorships have a habit of working from the same play-books and sadly all with the same resultant sad consequence, that is, namely gross poverty for the governed masses. Indeed what would that English philosopher, the father of liberalism John Locke, have to say about such? A case in point […]

Julia Baranovskaya – biography

Julia Baranovskaya was born on June 3, 1985 in St. Petersburg. Father – Baranovsky Gennady Ivanovich, engineer. Mother – Tatiana Vladimirovna Brattseva, a teacher at the school. Julia’s parents divorced when the girl was ten years old. After a while, her mother remarried. After graduating from school, the girl planned to enter the Faculty of […]

9 May Weather in Cayman

Sun May 9 2021 Weather in Cayman SYNOPSIS Moderate easterly winds and slight seas are expected across the Cayman area from this afternoon as a high pressure system builds over the southeastern US. Humidity: 89% (UP from yesterday)UV: 11.0 EXTREME (Same as yesterday) Expected temperatures – 75°F to 89°F. Yesterday: H 89.4°F L 74.7°FWinds: Today: […]

Scottish election 2021: Nicola Sturgeon celebrates ‘historic’ SNP election win

From BBC Nicola Sturgeon has hailed the SNP’s “historic and extraordinary” fourth consecutive victory in the Scottish Parliament election. With all the results in, the SNP has finished on 64 seats – one short of a majority but one more than it won in 2016. Ms Sturgeon said her priority was to steer the country […]

Cayman: PWD/NRA teams prepare for Hurricane Season

Organisers Address Inspection Teams The Public Works Department (PWD) and National Roads Authority (NRA) completed their 34th consecutive joint hurricane preparedness exercise on Wednesday, 5 May 2021. Hurricane Shuttering Exercise Horizontal Line Up of Cars 050521 Teams testing for overall hurricane readiness, shuttered up key government buildings and shelters, checked and started standby generators and […]

4 Useful tips to give your house the right clean up

We all want a clean home. Not only will it impress our guests, but it’s also for our own health. However, not everyone knows how to do the right clean-up. Especially if you have a huge house, it seems impossible to clean it correctly as it can be overwhelming. There are ways how you can […]

Viable ways to improve your IT Department

The world of modern business heavily relies on IT technologies. This is true for literally every industry out there. Wherever you need to compile data, do projections, and process raw input, you’ll need computers.  The task of maintaining such networks belongs to the IT department. Today we’ll show you a few tips on how to […]

Hospitalizations and deaths of younger people soar due to COVID-19, PAHO Director reports

Countries will need to maintain or increase ICU bed capacity even further if infections continue to rise at current rates. In the past week, nearly 40% of all global COVID-19 deaths took place in the Americas.  Washington, D.C. May 5, 2021 (PAHO) – Hospitalizations and deaths of younger people are surging as the COVID-19 pandemic […]