September 24, 2023

Migrant teens are “living the American nightmare”

From Ellie Finkelstein, Freedom United September 24, 2023 News Digest OUR CAMPAIGN ISSUES IN THE NEWS Forced labor Migrant teens are not living the American dream, they are “living the American nightmare” They arrive with serious financial demands. Debts to smugglers, pressure to send money home to their families, as well as needing to support themselves. Desperate to […]

Cayman Government offers significant concessions to Caymanian home buyers

Grand Cayman, Saturday, 23 September 2023 – Premier Hon. Wayne Panton presented a proposal to Parliament on Friday, 22 September that further revises the existing concessions for prospective Caymanian homeowners. The Government’s expansive proposal would make it easier for more Caymanian families to be able to own their own homes. Premier Panton, who also serves as […]

Beyond dusting: Strategies for reducing allergens and irritants in your home

IMAGE: unsplash If you have asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, you understand how crucial it is to keep your house clean and healthful. There are numerous methods you can employ to lessen allergies and other airborne irritants in your house, in addition to routine cleaning and dusting, which can help to eliminate surface-level irritants. […]

Biden praises wrong group during Hispanic Caucus event

By Theodore Bunker From Newsmax screenshot President Joe Biden appeared to misspeak this week while addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, referring to the group as the Congressional Black Caucus instead, the Washington Examiner reports. Biden attended the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s 46th Annual Awards Gala on Thursday, where he delivered a speech in which he praised Sister Norma Pimentel, […]

STEPS 2023 National Health Survey closes

Grand Cayman, Thursday, 21 September 2023–   The STEPS 2023 National Health Survey, an endeavour from the Ministry of Health & Wellness to collect data on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and their risk factors, wrapped up on Sunday, 3 September. The STEPS survey was made up of three parts: STEP 1 consisted of a questionnaire which asked […]

Southern University Alliance to boost  Agricultural Development Saint Kitts and Nevis

(L-R) Chief Executive Officer of the Marijuana Commission in the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Garfield Alexander; Her Excellency Dr. Hadiya Claxton, Special Envoy for Investment, Development, & International Business Relations; Chairman of the Board of Southern University, Mr. Myron Lawson; Minister of Agriculture, et al., Hon. Samal Duggins; Technical Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, […]

The gift that moves: The emotional impact of gifting a car to a loved one

Image: pexels Gift-giving has long been an act of love. From birthdays to holidays, the act of presenting a thoughtfully chosen gift has the power to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. The gift may even go beyond the ordinary, becoming a symbol of freedom, independence, and a new chapter in life for the recipient. […]

Paul’s Post : AI

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Paul McGowan When a new technology comes around, especially one we struggle to understand, there’s always a bit of hand wringing and doom predicting. How many of us remember the introduction of the compact disc? Predictions of the ruination of the music, health problems from its aggressively harsh sound, and […]

Top 6 apps for keeping track of NBA scores

For NBA enthusiasts, whether you’re keeping a close eye on the scores or scouting for the next MVP, a top-notch basketball news app is your essential playbook. But the game has evolved in the last decade. Gone are the days of traditional positions; the “positionless basketball” era has dawned upon us. The court has become […]

The Cayman Islands continues to overhaul its AML regime, and tips for being efficient and tech-savvy

The Cayman Islands has been overhauling its anti-money laundering (AML) regime in recent months, with the latest update seeing it publish revised AML notes, focusing on electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC), remote customer due diligence and ongoing monitoring. The revised guidance incorporates changes to support digital identification in line with Financial Action Task Force guidance, allowing […]