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Cayman: Surfski Paddlers Head Shore To Shore To Raise Funds For New Nature Park

Twelve Surfski Paddlers are preparing to brave the waves between Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman to raise funds and awareness for local environmental charity Coast to Bluff Recreational Access and Conservation (CBRAC) during Shore To Shore ‘24.

If the word “surfski” is new to you, imagine slender long kayaks designed for speed and riding the open-ocean swells. 

The Shore To Shore ‘24 event will see the Surfski Paddlers make the journey across the 155 km of the ocean from Spot Bay, Cayman Brac, to East End, Grand Cayman, during a 3-day weather window between February 2 and 4 to help CBRAC fund the purchase of land for a new nature park in Cayman Brac.

“Our paddlers have all been training extremely hard to master the art of controlling these incredible open ocean kayaks and to build the strength and endurance needed to complete this remarkable challenge,” Event Coordinator and Paddler Tyron Maher said. 

“Shore To Shore ‘24 is about sharing our love for outdoor adventure while helping to protect Cayman’s beautiful natural environment so our community can continue to enjoy it for many years to come,” Tyron said.

“With CBRAC already having established two nature parks in Cayman Brac, we are excited to help them continue their mission by raising funds for the purchase of their third lot of land in the Brac,” Tyron added.

Since being founded in 2021, CBRAC has built a crowd-sourcing model and has raised over $120,000 from 75 generous individuals, families, schools, and businesses to protect two parcels of coastal forest with habitat for over 120 observed species of indigenous fauna and flora.

“For all of us on our committee, from hikers and rock climbers to artists and bird watchers, we saw a need to protect the beautiful natural environment found in the Cayman Islands so that it can continue to inspire and offer respite to multiple generations to come,” CBRAC Director Tristan Relly said. 

“In addition to protecting the land so that our community can continue to have access to wild spaces, we have also sought to document and highlight the natural biodiversity found in both the Inaugural Park and Eastern Park that users can view through CBRAC’s own proprietary app, Biota,” Tristan said. 

“Through the Biota app, each donor has access to their own dashboard with pictures and information about the species in the area that they have helped protect, some found nowhere else in the world.” 

“We’ve found so much joy in discovering and learning about the small wonders and natural treasures found in the parks. The app creates a fun way to connect to the land from afar,” Tristan noted.

The CBRAC committee also shared their excitement for Shore To Shore ’24 and their gratitude to all those involved in making the event possible. 

“CBRAC exists to create uplifting experiences for people in nature – the same way paddling in the wild ocean allows us to feel part of something larger than ourselves,” Tristan shared. “The entire CBRAC committee is extremely grateful to the 12 amazing paddlers, early sponsors and volunteers for supporting this cause that builds alongside work done by the National Trust, the CI Government and others.” 

“The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommends that effective and equitable conservation of approximately 30-50% of the Earth’s land, freshwater and ocean will help ensure a healthy planet. It is an immense task that calls for collective community involvement and contributions. We are approaching this in a way that is fun for all involved” Tristan added.

Shore To Shore ‘24 is proudly sponsored by Kaya Responsible Travel, Bliss Yoga, Cayman Kayaks, CI Sotheby’s International Realty, GPE Services and Mainstay Sailing. 

“Our extraordinary team of paddlers are so grateful for our initial sponsors, who have helped to make this event possible,” Tyron Maher said. “There are still sponsorship opportunities available, and we welcome all businesses or individuals interested in getting involved and supporting this amazing cause to reach out to learn more.”

Those interested in sponsoring or donating Shore To Shore ‘24 can visit or email [email protected] to learn more.


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