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National Trust Presents: Paradise Found, Documentary Screening

22 April 2024 – The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) is hosting a special screening of Paradise Found, a documentary film, on 11th May 2024 at Camana Bay Cinema. Paradise Found, is based on the autobiography of Brigitte Kassa From Coffee To Champagne To Coconuts. The film was directed by JV Hart, Produced by Stacy Frank, and Cinematography by Frans De Backer. “Paradise Found tells the inspiring story of Brigitte Kassa, the oldest living resident in Little Cayman, who fled Germany during WWII, founded a popular disco in Monte Carlo, and found her paradise where she built her dream house in Little Cayman. Against all odds,” says JV Hart, Director of Paradise Found.

“Brigitte Kassa, a longtime resident of Little Cayman, is an avid supporter of the National Trust for the
Cayman Islands. In particular, Mrs. Kassa has made generous contributions over the years that have helped with the purchase of ecologically significant habitats in Little Cayman. These special places in nature, rich in biodiversity, are protected for the benefit of all. Forever.” says Frank Roulstone, Executive Director of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. “Brigitte found paradise in Little Cayman and has spent her life trying to keep it the paradise that it is,” says Mr. Roulstone, “Her pursuit of her dream should be an inspiration to us all.” says Mr. Roulstone.

Attendees will have a marvelous time, at this one night only event, on 11th May from 5:00pm-7:00pm at
Camana Bay Cinema. Tickets include drinks and canapes for a reception at Abacus prior to the documentary screening, followed by the screening of the documentary (at Camana Bay Cinema) with a special opportunity for a Q&A with Brigitte Kassa and the filmmakers. Spaces are limited, tickets are available online or email [email protected] for tickets and event information. Proceeds raised will go towards the conservation of our natural and built heritage. Thank you to our sponsors Southern Cross Club and Lionfish University.

About the National Trust for the Cayman Islands
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands is a non-governmental organization whose mandate under the
National Trust Law (2010 Revision) includes the preservation of the historic, natural and maritime heritage of the Cayman Islands for present and future generations.

About the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme
The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme began in 1990 with only 30 dedicated Blue Iguanas and the primary goal to restore the wild population to 1,000 Blue Iguanas, encouraging viable population in the long-term. Having met its primary goal in 2018, the initiative formally transitioned to the Blue Iguana Conservation Programme in 2019 with a new focus of sustainably conserving the native species of Grand Cayman.

About the National Trust’s Environmental Programme
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ environmental programme was founded on the concept that the protection of native plants and animals is best achieved by protecting the natural areas in which they

About the National Trust Conservation Programme The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ conservation programme strives to protect Cayman’s native
species and the habitats in which they live, and includes the endemic Blue Iguana of Grand Cayman, the Sister Islands Rock Iguana and Cayman’s native bat species.

About the National Trust Historic Preservation Programme
The National Trust for the Cayman Islands introduced the launching of its Historic Preservation Fund at its Annual General Meeting in September 2021 for the purpose of inviting increased support of its continuing efforts to encourage the preservation


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