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PS Audio: Art of HiFi: Strings

By Jessica Carson, PS Audio

The Art of HiFi has become one of my favorite projects to work on at Octave and I’m proud of our latest Volume in this series: Strings. We have said many times that recording stringed instruments in DSD256 makes a huge difference in the tone and definition that is captured. This collection of recordings exceeds my expectations.
When I sat in my perfectly centered chair and listened to this album for the first time on my home system, I began to cry about halfway through the very first track. Not only were we able to capture the beauty of the instruments being played, the execution and emotion that the players brought to the performance somehow got distilled in the process. I’m truly amazed at the deeply complex scope that DSD256 can capture.
Every time we finish an Art of HiFi album, it ends up being my favorite. I can’t imagine how we’re going to top this one, but we’ll get to work on it 🙂 I hope you enjoy listening to Strings as much as I have.


The Art of HiFi: Strings



A must-have reference disc

The Art of HiFi: Strings is Volume 4 in Octave’s new audiophile-centric series. This edition takes us on a journey of well-known stringed instruments like violin, viola and cello, but breaks into lesser heard instruments like the nyckelharpa. Each track has a prominent feature so you can truly be immersed and hear the nuanced differences between the instruments. Recorded at Octave Studios in DSD256 on the Pyramix Workstation, this is offered on SACD and download. 

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The Art of HiFi: Strings takes us on a journey of stringed instruments played by world-class musicians. Sandra Wong showcases violin and nyckelharpa with technical precision and a unique emotional execution. Well-known cellist, Zuill Bailey, never disappoints with his version of BWV 1007 Suite No. 1 in G Major by J.S. Bach. Conner Hollingsworth exhibits many different upright bass styles on the classic Up a Lazy River. Katie Mintle gives a delicate performance of The Beatles’s, Let it Bet, on the harp. Art of HiFi Volume 4 features many other stringed instruments captured perfectly in DSD256.


The Art of HiFi: Strings was recorded exclusively at Octave Studios in Pure DSD256 Production Credits: Paul McGowan- recording and mix engineer, producer Jessica Carson- executive producer, producer Terri McGowan- assistanting Gus Skinas- mastering engineer Emilie Druss- Art & digipak design Recorded and Mixed at Octave Studios, Boulder, CO


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