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Author Jeanine Thompson Receives International Recognition With the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD®


Independent Press Award

March 19, 2024, 16:45 GMT

“911 from your Soul” by Jeanine Thompson inspires a 2024 Independent Press Award.MINNEAPOLIS, MN, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — “WHEN LIFE SPEAKS … WILL YOU HEAR THE CALL?”, Jeanine Thompson asks in publishing her newly awarded book “911 from your Soul”.

The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD, one of the most prestigious book award programs globally for independent authors, publishers, and illustrators, recognized “911 from your Soul” as a 2024 Distinguished Favorite in the Inspiration category.

The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected IPA Award Winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.

911 from your Soul by Jeanine Thompson
Despite outward success, many of us are still filled with restlessness and a yearning for something more in our lives. Transformational coach Jeanine Thompson shows us this longing isn’t a drive toward more achievement, but rather a desire to return home to ourselves.

We are coded to evolve and the greatest invitations in our life often arise masquerading as the details of challenge or crisis. Yet the most powerful source of untapped potential is one many of us have lost sight of.

Leveraging her own powerful story and those of her clients, Thompson introduces us to seven key spiritual principles—The Soul Solution—that empower us to answer the call from our Soul and unleash our highest potentiality in all areas of life. Moreover, she shows us how to harness “the beauty of the and” to fully enliven what life is offering to and through us, even in our most challenging moments. 

“If life is sending you challenges, there is no better way to meet them than to tap your own vast inner wisdom. In ‘911 From Your Soul’, Jeanine Thompson lays out a powerful and pragmatic pathway to create harmony between your inner world and your outer experience. Highly recommended!” 

–Jack Canfield, co-author of the New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, America’s #1 Success Coach, and author of The Success Principles™

In 2024, the Independent Press Award saw participation from authors and publishers across the globe, including those residing in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, India, Kenya, Japan, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and The Netherlands.

“The 2024 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD honorees represent the excellence and diversity of global independent publishing,” said Gabrielle Olczak, IPA President and Award Sponsor. “Independent publishing is a formidable agent. It provides unparalleled content and quality to consumers worldwide and we are proud to highlight this year’s awardees to the world.” 

A note from the author
My shift came when I traveled beyond traditional perspectives. As a former Fortune 50 HR executive, I know the vast agility required to succeed in business. Despite excelling, I was always left feeling ‘that something was missing’. Going into the realm of awareness, I explored broadly within the non-traditional; energy, diverse wisdom traditions, texts, spirituality, yoga, as well as neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and biology. Go deep enough and each practice takes you to the very same place: the irresistible doorway to your Soul. And it’s here that real change starts taking place.

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