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New Children’s Book: Award-Winning Tale of Resilience and Hope in ‘Loris Opens Up His Heart’

Realistic Emotions and Non-Traditional Portrayals of Foster Children, Social Issues and Diversity

Foster siblings Cam, Inaya, and Loris come from different countries and backgrounds, but what bonds them is their tough family situations and strong resilience.”

— Dagmara Sitek

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, April 10, 2024 / — The newest release by Dagmara Sitek helps young readers understand that sometimes, opening up your heart is the bravest thing you can do. Just like the main character Loris, a boy in foster care, readers can share their fears and find acceptance in their safe space. 

When Loris arrives at his new foster home, something about him is shrouded in mystery. He keeps himself wrapped in a hoodie, hiding his secrets. His new foster siblings can’t quite figure him out. That doesn’t stop them from trying but Loris shows no interest in anything. Deep beneath his hood, Loris harbors a secret waiting to be uncovered. 

“Foster siblings Cam, Inaya, and Loris come from different countries and backgrounds, but what bonds them is their tough family situations and strong resilience,” explained author Dagmara Sitek. “Their experiences allow children to explore important themes like diversity, resilience, and growth in a meaningful way.”

An inspiration for the book was the death of Kamilek Mrozek, an eight-year-old boy from Czestochowa, Poland, who tragically lost his life in May 2023 after severe maltreatment at the hands of his stepfather. This heart-wrenching incident affected the Polish community, sparking discussions on the critical issues of child abuse, empathy, and mental health. 

“Kamilek’s story deeply touched me and inspired Loris Opens Up His Heart. This book addresses resilience and compassion in a simple yet relatable way, encouraging important conversation about child abuse with empathy and courage,” said Dagmara Sitek. 

The Diversity of the Main Characters
‘Loris Opens Up His Heart’ celebrates foster care heroes from diverse backgrounds like Cam, Inaya, Loris, and Beefy, emphasizing the importance of every individual’s story.

Embracing Diversity in Problem-Solving in Children’s Stories
The book shows various ways of handling situations and overcoming challenges by children. It portrays a unique approach, reflecting the personal experiences of children. This shows that there are many paths to success and that it’s perfectly okay to embrace our differences.

New Way to Show Foster Care: Positive Role Models and More Realistic Feelings
Unlike some traditional portrayals, Sitek’s book showcases foster care characters as resourceful heroes, challenging stereotypes, and promoting empathy. She highlights their strength and courage to inspire young readers to see foster care children in a new light and feel compassion towards them.

‘Loris Opens Up His Heart’ by Dagmara Sitek (ISBN: 978-1-7381285-2-5; paperback, $16.99 US) is available for purchase at Amazon. To learn more, or to request a review copy of Loris Opens Up His Heart please contact Dagmara at [email protected].

Loris Opens Up His Heart by Dagmara Sitek is available now. Join the journey and embrace the transformative power of hope, resilience, and empathy. 

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Loris Opens Up His Heart 

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