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From Cabinet Office

Her Excellency the Governor Mrs. Jane Owen, chaired the meeting of the Cabinet held on Thursday, 21st
March 2024 in the Cabinet Conference Room, Government Administration Building.

The Hon Minister for Tourism and Ports acted as Deputy Premier and the Hon Minister for Sustainability
and Climate Resiliency acted as Minister for Financial Services, Commerce, Investment, Innovation and
Social Development. Apologies were tendered by the Hon Minister for Border Control, Labour and
Culture. All other Ministers and Members of Cabinet were present.

At this meeting Cabinet: 

  • Approved the lease of office premises for the RCIPS Welfare Unit;
  • Approved the acquisition of land Block 45A Parcel 19;
  • Approved the increase of remuneration rates for the Cayman Islands Adoption Board as follows:
    Chair – $250 per meeting, Deputy Chair – $160 per meeting and Members – $140 per meeting;
  • Approved for the National Community Enhancement project to run for 2 weeks from 8th
    – 19th April 2024 and for supplementary funding in accordance with section 11(5) to increase PAH 4 – Management of Public Recreational Facilities and Cemeteries by $450,000;
  • Reviewed and noted the 2021-2022 Annual Report of the Cayman Islands Expungement Board and
    authorised that it be tabled in Parliament;
  • Confirmed approval granted by circulation on 15th March, 2024 for the issuance of drafting
    instructions to amend the Building Code Regulations (2022 Revision), the Electricity Act (2008
    Revision), the Development and Planning Act (2021 Revision) and the Development and Planning
    Regulations (2024 Revision);
  • Confirmed approval granted by circulation on 15th March 2024 for the appointment of the
    following persons to the Planning Appeals Tribunal: Peter Broadhurst, Chair; Philip Boni, Deputy
    Chair; Alexander Henderson, Deputy Chair; Keva Reid, Deputy Chair; Selina Tibbetts, Deputy
    Chair; Natasha Bodden, Deputy Chair; Cindy O’Hara, Member; Neville Ebanks, Member; Arek
    Joseph, Member; Danny Owens, Member; Jennie Pacheco, Member; Andrew Gibb, Member; Alex
    Mena-Hebbert, Member; Ministry responsible for Planning, Secretary;
  • Approved the Personnel (Amendment) Regulations, 2024;
  • Noted the status update of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill (2023); and
  • Noted the Civil Partnership Register Statistics for January – December 2023.

Published by the Cabinet Office on Wednesday, 10th April 2024.


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