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Are There Age Limits for Jewish Leaders?

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By the Numbers

11 King Solomon Facts Every Jew Should Know

Known for his sage counsel, he ruled in an era of peace and prosperity.

By Yehuda Altein

10 Questions: Take the Queen Esther Quiz
How well do you know the heroine of the Purim story?
By Menachem Posner
Your Questions
Are There Age Limits for Jewish Leaders?
Can a person be disqualified from leadership based on age alone?
By Yehuda Shurpin
Hebrew Word of the Week
What Can the Hebrew Word for “Name” Teach You?
More Than Just a Name
By Mendel Kalmenson and Zalman Abraham
Jewish News
Despite War, Our Kyiv Community Inaugurated a Stunning Mikvah
The Jewish community on the “Left Bank” is relatively young and this is our first mikvah ever.
By Devorah Levenharts
In UK, University of Manchester Conducts Historic Tanya Printing
With rising antisemitism on campus, students laud school’s involvement
By Bruria Efune
Flaco the Celebrity Owl
Years of captivity, years without using his natural skills and abilities, didn’t stop him from being himself.
By Mendy Kaminker

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories

A Mother’s Wisdom After Losing Her Child
Perla Zaltzman lost her daughter Mussia in a drowning accident. She opens up about how she coped with the trauma; how the loss impacted her family, her community, and herself; and how she honors her daughter’s memory.Perla Zaltzman in interview with Chana Weisberg
Watch (51:38) 
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Stories worth listening to
By Staff


Prayer Towards Jerusalem

Transcending the Limitations of Infinity
By Yehoshua November
Midrash Is for Lovers
Part 2 of “Is Midrash For Real?”
By Tzvi Freeman and Yehuda Shurpin
Seeing the Forest Through the Trees
Life Lessons From the Parshah – Vayakhel
By Yehoshua B. GordonRead 
The Half-Shekel of Marriage
The historical, personal and cosmic significance of the half-shekel.
Based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe


Two Halves Equal One

This Shabbat we read how each Jew donated a half-shekel. Here is an insight into what it means for us.

Living Torah

Watch (7:44)

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