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Your Humble Prayee, a powerful book written to provide prayer for various situations

An elegant and powerful book of prayer for various occasions.ALBUQUERQUE, NM, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 / — Your Humble Prayee, a powerful book written to provide prayer for various situations, independent of religious denomination, is now available through the website: YourHumblePrayeeByCarlClark.Com. The book makes an excellent retirement gift for any labor entity’s retirees. Because a retiree is no longer obligated to the entity’s labor laws, the retiree may now be rewarded with religious works. Because this particular work is denominationally unbiased, the entity presenting the gift can be assured they are acting in their retirees good Christian interest.

In addition to the elegant prayer provided, the book is gorgeously illustrated from cover to cover. The book also helps supplement anyone’s personal faith in Christ Jesus. Thus, it makes an excellent gift for any teen through adult family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor.

Devote Christians can benefit from the book educationally because the book names the linages which existed from Adam through Jesus. The book also comes in an e-book format permitting the linages and book content to be easily searched. For those unfamiliar with Bible reading, the book contains a little Biblical humor that may be used to encourage initial Bible study.

By providing generic initial starting prayer, for both the adolescent and mature reader, in conjunction with the improved final prayer, the reader can appreciate why the improvements were important. The Royal Book review on the manuscript states “Prayer is our way to have a conversation with God.”. For those uncomfortable with prayer, the review goes on to say: “All these worries now end because this book guides those who don’t know how to pray.”.

Containing a Library of Congress Control Number, the book is ready for acceptance into the generic library system.

The publication also serves as excellent evangelism and missionary material when placed in the hands of responsible Christian leadership. Thank you for your action taken on this press release. The author pledges all proceeds from the book, less legal fees and taxes owed, will go to charity.

The book also serves to aid shut-ins of any age. It provides assurance of a future and peace to each through their prayer to Christ Jesus. Being provided in hand held, computer searchable, and soon audio formats the book satisfies most shut-ins needs.

Mr. Clark is a native to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. With faith in the one true God as his primary obligation, his other professional abilities are in mathematics, computer science and electronics. He has served his country with distinction working within the National Laboratory collective. He now attends Church, praying that others do the same, and is involved in getting Your Humble Prayee into the hands of as many readers as possible. He also has two loving children and three of the best grandchildren in the world!

The author extends gratitude to all publisher’s for their tremendous assistance in bring the book to fruition. The author also wishes to extend gratitude to a legal assistance firm for acquiring the publication’s Attorney Mr. Marc Goldsen. His support, wisdom and perseverance throughout the book creation process have been extremely valuable. The Ministry of Darrell C. and Sandy Carpenter provided tremendous support, through their life-long drive to fully understand and the Bible and live exemplary lives. Lastly, in quote “the first will be last and the last will be first”, the author prays to thank Christ Jesus for continuing to teach His Father’s creations how to pray, as the tools and means to express prayer perpetually evolve.

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