April 3, 2020


The following was sent to me by a reader and I make no apologies for republishing it as my Editorial today. From Facebook Caleb Simba ✅It has brought back humanity. ✅Brought back people to their Creator and to their morals. ✅It has closed down bars, night clubs, brothels and casinos. ✅It brought down interest rates. […]

The Editor speaks: Covid 19 – Nationwide Lockdown

Health officials today (Wednesday 25 March) reported another two persons, both with travel history, have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, the Cayman Islands Government has issued a 24-hour nation-wide lock down to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.  We fully support the actions taken by the Government and we hope that all our […]

The Editor speaks: Congratulations to our Fire Service

Whilst Chief Fire Officer, Paul Walker, has said,“incredible progress” has been made this week in trying to put out the blaze that has raged through a large part of our Mount Trashmore dump, the work executed by himself and all the members of the fire service has also been incredible. They have been working non-stop […]

The Editor speaks: A government of DIS-Unity?

I had high hopes of a unified government when the Alden McLaughlin government came to power and I backed it as did my wife, Joan. Slowly we watched it drift further away from the ideals of its roots – the Caymanians. With dismay we watched it cater to the whims and business ideals of the […]

The Editor speaks: Is the dump fire the writing on the wall?

It seems that 2020 has turned in to a very bad start for the “Unity” government headed by premier Alden McLaughlin. When the premier arrogantly said it would take a miracle for the cruise berthing facility not to proceed I took him to task and pointed out to him “miracles do happen”. To date, the […]

The Editor Speaks: Commonwealth Day. Is it forgotten?

How many of you know that this Monday 9th March is Commonwealth Day? How many of you know that we are celebrating it here on Sunday 8th March at St George’s Anglican Church on Courts Road, George Town at 4PM? We have published today three items relating to Commonwealth Day – HM The Queen’s Commonwealth […]

The Editor speaks: Honesty!

Are you aware that people serving as directors on government boards and commissions have no need to reveal anything about their private finances unless THEY believe it may conflict with their role. The regulations accompanying the Cayman Islands Standards in Public Life law, which came into effect last Sunday – our Lord’s Day – states […]

The Editor speaks: Excuse me Ministry but we do report the facts

It was extraordinary for me (as a member of the media) to receive a Press Release from The Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport which states it “…wishes to assure the public that there is no truth to reports circulating in the media that Carnival Cruise lines have dropped the Cayman Islands from its […]

The Editor speaks: If there was any doubt that Cayman may be dealing with the Devil soon, read on…

Today (3) we have published in full an article that appeared on the website of Attorney Jim Walker’s “Cruise Law News”. It is published under the title of “Carnival Cruise Line, Not Jamaica or the Cayman Islands, Cancels Cruises to Those Islands”. You can read the article at its source by going to: https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/03/articles/disease/carnival-cruise-line-not-jamaica-or-the-cayman-islands-cancels-cruises-to-those-islands/ The […]

The Editor speaks: Is it premature to remove our Speaker?

I have lamented in some of my Editorials at the slowness of some members of the Legislative Assembly to get pressing legislature passed quickly. Some take months and some take years. Some remain stalled, seemingly forever. Not so when it comes to removing the Speaker of the House, McKeeva Bush. First to start with an […]