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A Message from Jo & Co

Photo just a “few” years ago of us

A very Happy Christmas to all our readers. Jo an I thank you for all your support and we receive hits and comments on our website from all over the world.

We are very lucky to live in the Cayman Islands and I thank God for meeting Joan all those forty years plus ago. I wouldn’t be here now but for her.

With all the wars and hatred going on around us the message of Christmas is very clear. Peace and Love. Jesus was born in the most lowliest of places – a STABLE, among animals!  In our Nativity plays we tend to make it lovely. Baby lambs, cattle with smiles, shepherds, and kings.

There is a message in that, too, even if the reality was, I expect, far from it. The message is LOVE and from the lowest of places comes the HIGHEST.

We can but HOPE that LOVE will come into everyone’s heart. LOVE is Satan’s worst enemy and he is frightened of it. You cannot fight him with anything else.

The following is a message Jo wrote some whiles back.  It wasn’t Christmas but it was a Holiday and it shows Cayman as it once was. LOVE comes through the whole message.  Enjoy.

GOD IS GOOD – ALL THE TIME. By Joan (Watler) Wilson

We are having such a down pour right now (Tuesday) which we badly need. Yesterday (Holiday Monday), however was a beautiful and perfect day for the Gun Bay celebration. On my way up to Gun Bay I thought I’d be rained on according to what I was seeing in the sky. Black clouds followed me all the way up to the junction of North Side and East End. Then it was just a beautiful day to enjoy with friends from East End, Gun Bay, West Bay and George Town. I think George Town had the biggest turnout at the party I’m happy to say and I was one of them. (They were all bussed by Barnes Bus Services driven by Denley Stewart. (Can you imagine what a time they had – what a time as we used to say). 

I drove myself as I was gardening all morning – my usual workout! The minute I arrived I could hear them greeting each other and then when they saw me I was welcomed of course. I mean it was so relaxing and friendly up there. It was really Americas Independence Day and our own Constitutional Holiday. Isn’t that strange that we should both celebrate on the same date. 

And Hot? – No way. Those Gun Bayers had electric fans coming from every direction. It was like a Northwester and Southeaster blowing at the same time. But it was really a joy to be there and not be sweating while we enjoyed each other’s company. And laugh? I tell you when you get us George Towners and East Enders together with the Gun Bayers there;s nothing but good conversation and laughter. 

Now the food is something else. Such a choice, between turtle, conch, crab, chicken all of course coming with potato salad, macaroni cheese, rice and beans, green banana, cassava, salad and other scrumptious bits and pieces, not to mention the cakes etc. 

I remember when I was a little child every Sunday we had home made ice cream well I can tell you Gun Bay had two old fashion ice cream makers going at full speed and it was a pleasure to have a bowl for only $2.00 which I thoroughly enjoyed. After I finished my ice cream I went around hugging and shaking hands with every one – present were Nicky and Neils Godfrey, Miss Theoline (Tit Tit) Dania, Patsy, Pam, Gwen, the Clarks, Biggy (who I hadn’t seen in ages) Ninny, Gracie and Ken Wright (from West Bay) and so many more like Darwin, Christine, Blinky, even Mr. Walsham was there.

just before I left Wally Whittaker arrived with his friend, and many others from George Town. Mr.JFrank Conolly, (I really missed Miss Cleo) Edna, Yvonne, Trevor and Mrs. Vernecia, Mrs. Carmen and oh so many more. And do you know they even had a plat pole!! (Again I can remember whirling around the plat pole in my younger day. If we could only turn back the clock for a little while just to show how we did it back then). 

What else can I say except to thank Gun Bay for putting on such a lovely entertaining Holiday for all in attendance. Thanks to the helpers whose names escape me – you all did a great job. Keep it up. I’ll always be in attendance – I love you all. God Bless. 



Jo & Co


  1. Such a nice story. Thank you Colin and Joan for sharing it again. It is sad to say that such stories are rare these days in Cayman.


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