September 26, 2023

PS Audio’s Copper Magazine Issue 197

COPPER Music, Audio, and the Good Stuff Issue 197 is ready for your consumption and enjoyment! For more on this story go to:

Cayman: MOE & DES officials meet with John Gray High School staff

On Friday (15 September), a team of Ministry of Education (MOE) and Department of Education Services (DES) officials attended a staff briefing at the John Gray High School. They aimed to support the staff and reinforce that recent events should not define the school. The team, led by Mrs. Lyneth Monteith, the Acting Chief Officer […]

Paul’s Post : AI

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio Paul McGowan When a new technology comes around, especially one we struggle to understand, there’s always a bit of hand wringing and doom predicting. How many of us remember the introduction of the compact disc? Predictions of the ruination of the music, health problems from its aggressively harsh sound, and […]

PS Audio August, 2023 Newsletter

From Paul McGowan Hope your summer is going well. Here in Boulder, we’ve had some really hot weather that Terri and I love. Nothing better than a late evening after work to grill up some veggies and enjoy a glass of rose.  Our favorite is a recipe for grilled artichokes courtesy of my brother in […]

Unveiling the bold new Caribbean: The 2023 Caribbean Investment Forum promises bold opportunities & outcomes 

Nassau, The Bahamas The Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF) 2023’s launch event, hosted yesterday at Atlantis in Nassau, The Bahamas, heralded the introduction of a transformative platform poised to reshape the economic landscape of the Caribbean. As a precursor to the upcoming CIF2023, scheduled for October 23-25, under the theme “A Bold New Caribbean,” the Caribbean […]

Stay in the Loop – 12 June 2023

From CARICOM Secretariat STAY IN THE LOOP In this episode, Communications Officer at the CARICOM Secretariat, Mrs Tusankine English-Francis, presents a weekly news roundup of the latest from the Caribbean Community.   Highlights:00:49 – Caribbean Leaders, US Vice President advance cooperation in The Bahamas02:36 – CARICOM makes progress on free movement of domestic, agricultural workers04:30 – CARICOM, New Zealand […]

 Following the rules

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio If you follow the rules for crossing the street at a crosswalk, you should be safe unless someone else breaks the rules and mows you down. Their fault. Your loss. I think the take away is that rules are a starting point, not the be-all, end-all. When we’re setting out on […]

Novel products, misleading information threaten to undo decades of gains against tobacco use

World No Tobacco Day 2023 Novel products, misleading information threaten to undo decades of gains against tobacco use screenshot To watch video click HERE Washington, DC, May 29, 2023 (PAHO)- While the percentage of the population using tobacco in the Americas declined from 28% to 16.3% between 2000 and 2020, novel products and misleading information from […]

Cayman Islands Regional Mission Council Weekly Update May 25 2023

Reconnect with Power By Rev. Otto Menko The power that was promised, for which the Disciples gathered and waited in earnest anticipation, burst forth on the Day of Pentecost. Peter and the other Disciples spoke with power and authority by the Holy Spirit. That same power is available to us as we reconnect with God […]

US: P.S. Audio are open for tours

At PS Audio we are all about the sonic experience, and sharing the very best of that experience with passionate people is what makes working here a dream come true. But in March of 2020, the pandemic forced us to close our doors to nearly all visitors. While it was surely the right decision, believe me when I […]