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The Editor Speaks: Don’t stray – STAY AWAY!

Jo & Co

 I haven’t written an Editorial  on ieyenews for years. My decision for doing this is private. It has been hard, VERY hard, as the people who know me, know I am not afraid to speak my mind!!!

However, there comes a time when there is an exception and this is one.

My wife, Joan (Jo) and I go to our local cinema, here on Grand Cayman, upon average four times a week. We see the same movie at least twice, sometimes four. Jo, likes to go out and not stay, as she puts it, ‘locked up’ all day. Jo is almost 89 and I am 80. Jo is suffering from dementia and even watching a movie we have just seen is like the first time for her.

Jo and I are, therefore, well known faces at the Fandango cinema at Camana Bay.

We have seen some very good movies, average movies and dreadful movies.  We see every genre there is. The movie, “Babylon”,  was the worst and most disgusting film we have ever seen and was not repeated by us to see again. Never could I imagine we would see aired at this cinema anything like that again.

I was wrong. Last night (Monday 28 Aug)  we went to see a comedy, that for most of the time I discovered used real animals – DOGS! Very clever. 

I was surprised, as this was the first week it was aired, how small the audience was – just TEN of us. Will Farrell and Jamie Foxx were two of the voices behind the dogs. Jo and I had seen the trailer and it seemed to us to be fun. Even though we were both shocked at already at the over use of the “F” word.

Never for a moment, and remember I said we go to the cinema four times a week (and have done for a number of years) would that word, plus ’S**T” be used CONTINUALLY throughout the whole length of the movie. Yes, by all the dogs and the almost only human performer, the owner of the lead dog.

And S**T was also SHOWN throughout the movie and used to nauseous effect to get the dogs out of “prison”. If that isn’t enough we had the dogs peeing on each other, smelling their butts  and going on a journey to “BITE THE DICK OFF” of the owner of the lead dog.  They did! Funny, maybe, first or second time, but this went on throughout the whole movie from beginning to the end.

We saw dogs humping each other, humping posts, humping a sofa, humping statues, and almost anything and anybody that didn’t move.

It is a very sad state in the world we live in that the number of nines and ten out of ten, or fours and five out of five stars awarded to the movie by critics both professional and audience goers, out number the one and two stars.

Have we really sunk this low?

And the name of this movie – “STRAYS”.

The sad thing is, the movie could have been so very good and very funny, and could have appealed to the whole family. The movie producers would have made a lot more money, too.

Normal people out there AVOID!

Jo & Co


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