June 17, 2021

Month to celebrate the older person: Chosen for a purpose

By Joan E. Wilson I wrote this poem many, years ago just after my trip with the Elmslie Church Women’s group but I can still remember every moment of it. The happiness on the faces of these very poor people, even in their eyes, is a blessing to all of us here who have so […]

Month to celebrate the older person: Poems & a baby shower

By Joan E. Wilson POEMS ARE WRITTEN BY FOOLS By Joan (Watler) Wilson Poems are written by fools like me But only God can make a tree’. * These words are so true I can’t deny Much better written than by you or I. * For a poem is only words that rhyme And are […]

Month to celebrate the older person: BABY SHOWER/THE RECEPTIONIST

By Joan E. Wilson Two small poems today that I hope will put a little smile on your face. I really did loathe my job I took as a receptionist after I had retired. Baby Shower By Joan (Watler) Wilson A baby shower for a new mom to be Very useful presents for all to […]

Month to celebrate the older person: “Cockroaches”

COCKROACHES By Joan (Watler) Wilson I saw a cockroach crossing the road As fast as his scrawny legs could go Without fear of being squashed to death He didn’t even attempt to go slow * And it wasn’t an ordinary road he was crossing It was one with three lanes in place One that is […]

Month to celebrate the older person: “That Olde Cat Look” & “Togetherness”

By Joan Wilson You get two poems today for the price of one. The first one is about a dear friend of mine (see if you can guess who it is) and the second is about love for one another. That Olde Cat Look By Joan (Watler) Wilson Why do I think of you Every […]

Month to celebrate the older person: C-H-S REUNION

To celebrate Older Persons Month C-H-S REUNION By Joan (Watler) Wilson The C-H-S as it was known in 1949 Came about at a very crucial time When the Island was full of children galore Yearning for knowledge and ways to explore. * The world out there in all its glory Was waiting to tell us another […]

Month to celebrate the older person: “The Goldfield”

Introduction to The Goldfield From the turn of the last century to the start of the Second World War, shipbuilding was a major source of income for the Cayman Islands. Between 1903 and 1950, more than 283 vessels were built in shipyards spread across all three islands. The Goldfield, a turtle schooner, was built for William […]

Month to celebrate the older person: PARKING

To celebrate Older Persons Month PARKING By Joan E. Wilson We’ve got a real problem with parking Especially right here in George Town I mean, this tiny town is so very busy We can look for ages and not a space can be found. * New office buildings are going up every day With hardly enough […]

Month to celebrate the older person: “Month of the Older Person”

In case it was thought I haven’t written a poem really suitable for the ‘month to celebrate older persons’!!! This was written a long time before Miss Olive Miller sadly died and I have now updated two of the verses. Month of the Older Person By Joan “Watler” Wilson “Ageing is a life-spanning process of growth […]

Month to celebrate the older person: Debby or Debbie

I wrote this to celebrate the event when Hurricane Debby on August 24 2000 took a different turn and missed our Islands. As a result we benefited from the ships that were to visit, Barbuda, Saint Martin, and Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States Virgin Island. They all visited us instead. Today, we have by […]