July 25, 2021

How you can create ESO sip of health

In the early phases of alchemy producing petitions, an eso sip of Health is one of several items needed. You’ll see DanelTelleno throughout the Alchemy Lab within the Mages Guild after you’ve discovered a solvent and reagents. There’s also a great demand for Columbine, Mountain Flower, and Natural Water to satisfy his desire for eso […]

Supreme Court sides with student athletes on NCAA compensation limits

From Newsmax Siding with student-athletes, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled against the National Collegiate Athletic Association in the organization’s bid to maintain limits on education-related compensation for them that critics have said help maintain the fiction of amateurism in college sports. The court ruled 9-0 that the NCAA’s curbs on non-cash payments to […]

Cartoon of the week

By Tony Zuvela, Cartoonist It’s my own little World which I can escape to everyday and create a fun, weird, berserk Cartoon to whatever subject I like. I enjoy doing all the work myself, and all the aspects of Cartooning, and seeing my work out there and the reactions it gets.” http://www.berserkalert.com.au/shop.htm Buy this Cartoon’s […]

April Fool’s Day

From EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE DAILY HISTORY PODCAST Every day on April 1st, you have to be careful what you read and hear. This day, known to accounts as the beginning of the second quarter, is known to most people as April Fool’s Day.  Why do we have a day where we try to trick people, and […]

HAPPY EASTER: To all our readers

From ieyenews Thank you to all our readers for downloading and visiting our website. We have gone from strength to strength and we are now TEN years old. A very, very, HAPPY and BLESSED EASTER to you all. From COLIN, JOAN, COLLEEN and GEORGINA. Being from England originally, although I have now spent more of […]

What to know about MRE Toilet Tissue Paper

We all know that it is often hard to find organized food facilities in combat zones. Like any other person, service members have to eat to get their portion of energy to fight the enemy. Considering that there is often no time to cook, the Department of Defense (DOD) had to develop an alternative solution. […]

Cayman: COVID-19 Testing Update 23 December 2020 – ONE NEW positive

The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee, reports that 334 COVID-19 tests have been carried out since this was last reported on Tuesday, 22 December 2020. One was positive. The individual is an asymptomatic traveller who tested positive following routine screening. They will remain in isolation until considered recovered. The number of people in isolation, […]

5 Dorm room ideas to help you feel less homesick

The moment you’ve been dreaming about since middle school is finally here — you’re away from home, there’s not a parent in sight, and you relish your first real taste of freedom in your college dorm room. The newfound independence makes you feel like the main character in a college movie because now you, too, […]

Should you believe in Psychics? Important things you must keep in mind before consulting a psychic

Curiosity is one of the most integral traits of the human species. Not only does the desire to explore, know, and understand shape our behavior, but curiosity is deeply embedded in our nature.  It’s not surprising that a lot of scientific discoveries were made through curiosity. Even so, all this is not enough. We always […]

The Nome Gold Rush and three lucky Swedes

Author: JOHN MATUSZAK The California Gold Rush certainly was in a far-off land for the Americans of the time, who had to trek long distances to get to their final destination. But the 49’ers had nothing on those brave adventurers who went to Nome, Alaska to seek their fortunes in 1899. Which brings us to the Nome Gold […]