July 7, 2020

Cayman: All Government school students to receive free access to a laptop

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands (MEYSAL) has announced the Cabinet’s approved funding for the provision of laptops to all Government school students for use at home and at school. The Cabinet has approved allocating additional funding to purchase computing devices, additional wireless equipment, increased helpdesk support, software licensing for additional devices, […]

Call for projects 2020

ON 1 JULY 2020 THE UEFA FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN LAUNCHED ITS CALL FOR PROJECTS WHICH SEEK TO PROMOTE CHILDREN’S FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS ACROSS THE WORLD. This call for projects is aimed at any organisation that shares the values of the UEFA foundation and proposes practical measures to help children, in the areas of access to sport, […]

Teenage Krav Maga

Cayman: Teenage Krav Maga Summer Training Camp TO WATCH VIDEO GO TO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlvauXjlS-E&feature=youtu.be 5 weeks of fitness, martial arts, self defense, health, nutrition, leadership and motivation training for your son or daughter with Cayman’s Premier training facility, The Academy Do you want your child heading back to school fitter,stronger and more confident in every way?  […]

St K-N: PM Harris says second term will focus on developing young people’s talents and skills, as well as building a stronger, safer country after COVID-19

June 24th, 2020 The St. Kitts-Nevis Government’s hugely successful Leadership Mattersprimetime virtual forum series resumed yesterday, Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020, with Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris headlining its ninth installment on ZIZ TV (Channel 5 or https://zizonline.com/tv/channel-5/). Joining him on the panel were National Security Adviser, Retired Major General […]

Cayman: UCCI experiments with virtual labs

Antoinette Gayle has created something in the lab she didn’t think was possible. “If someone said to me in January, ‘Can we do chemistry and physics with distance learning?’ I would have said no,” said Gayle, an assistant professor in science at the University College of the Cayman Islands. But in March, when Cayman schools […]

Cayman: Educational institutions, early childhood childcare centres and summer programmes set to reopen

Further to the Premier’s June 17th announcement on the reopening of Educational Institutions, the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands (MEYSAL) has provided detailed guidance on the reopening procedures for all Educational Institutions which have been closed since 16 March 2020. Beginning on 5 July 2020, all Educational Institutions and Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) […]

Kick for Trade

Context Globally, more than 59 million young people are unemployed and nearly 136 million of those who are working continue to live in poverty. Young people are often denied decent employment opportunities or the possibility of setting up their own businesses due, for example, to skills mismatches or a lack of access to finance. Such […]

Welcome through Football

Context A large proportion of refugees around the world are children and young people. In 2016, more than four in five (83%) first-time asylum seekers in the European Union were younger than 35 years old, with those aged 18 to 34 accounting for slightly more than half of first-time applicants (51%). Nearly a third of all first-time applicants […]

Scoring Girls

Context Girls with migration backgrounds in Germany face additional challenges in navigating the path to adulthood and becoming productive and engaged citizens. Many are caught between cultures, where they must forge a new identity in order to find their way in their social environments. This path can be especially difficult to navigate for girls, many of whom […]

Sports-based employability for unaccompanied minors

Context Unaccompanied refugee minors do not benefit from a family context in which to develop the social and behavioural skills needed for employment and adulthood. Research highlights the importance of programmes focusing on employability skills for young migrants living in residential services. Once an unaccompanied refugee minor turns 18 and leaves the care system, they […]