October 15, 2021

The Editor Speaks: My glasses are tinted

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Am I breaking some obscure law? My eye glasses are tinted.

171 tickets were given out for having too dark a tint on their automobile’s windscreen.

The RCIPS have proudly blazed that figure along with the very serious 283 speeding tickets.


How many of those cars deemed to have had illegal tint had passed an inspection to obtain a vehicular license?

No one can provide that figure?

If the tint is illegal why is it even allowed to be applied to the car windows?

Are the meters the police use to calibrate the amount of window tint inspected for accuracy?

Why is the meter used by the tint mechanic and the vehicular inspection officer giving a different reading to the one the police use?

Something does not add up here.

Why are the police causing a backlash and a huge bad public relations exercise on this tint crackdown?

How many accidents are caused by tinted windscreens?

Yes, I know, the police say they cannot identify the driver of the vehicle if the windows are too dark.

Wouldn’t the police earn more respect if the offending vehicle owner was told to take the tint off and not ticketed?

Yes they would.

And whilst this nonsense is going on the speedsters and the dangerous drivers are getting away.

Most law abiding people, and the ones who the police look to help them with information are now angry at this imposition. It is probably the only time, or first time they meet up with mighty arm of the law and its zero tolerance approach.

The police might just as well borrow some of the robots from Westworld.to do their job. Their brain is programmed not to think for themselves. And that is exactly what ‘zero tolerance’ is.

In my younger days there was special relationship with the police. Now it is them v. us.

My eye glasses are tinted and get darker with the sunlight. Can they really be sure it is me behind the wheel of the car they have stopped?

I say stop this illegal tint crackdown. It is a silly, stupid, time wasting, exercise to turn every one off the ‘friendly copper’ who is there to protect me.

That is not true anymore.

He is there to play the numbers game. Any advance on 171 next month?

Hold on. Isn’t the numbers game illegal here?

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