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Cayman: Cabinet Approves Labour Tribunal Appointments

The Ministry of Border Control, Labour and Culture announces that Cabinet has approved the appointment of fourteen (14) persons to the Labour Tribunal in accordance with section 74 of the Labour Act (2021 Revision). The appointments are with immediate effect, for a 2-year period ending 30 April 2025. 

Of the fourteen (14) members, seven (7) are new appointments and seven (7) are reappointments. Since each Tribunal consists of a Chairperson, Deputy Chair and a panel of members the latest appointments bring the number of board members to twenty-three (23) and reaffirms the Government’s unwavering commitment to systems and processes that ensure the delivery of justice.

Speaking on the board appointments, Minister for Border Control, Labour and Culture, Honourable Dwayne Seymour said “The Labour Tribunal plays a crucial role in labour justice in the Cayman Islands. The additional appointments were made to ensure that all vacancies were filled, thereby enabling a fully constituted Tribunal to manage labour complaints from employers and employees.”

Noting the importance of the Tribunal, Minister Seymour thanked the new members for agreeing to serve a capacity that will allow them to make critical decisions, and contribute to the maintenance of an effective system of labour administration in the Cayman Islands. The new members have considerable experience in various industries and bring to the board a wealth of knowledge in the areas of litigation, human resources and finance.

Minister Seymour also expressed gratitude to the members who have agreed to serve for two years. Together, the new and reappointed members will provide valuable leadership and help to advance the mission of the Labour Tribunal.

The new board appointees are:

Mr. Nick Hoffman – Chairperson

Mr. Noel Webb – Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Luis Hernandez – Member

Mr. Gary Berry – Member

Ms. Anya Rankin-Christian – Member

Ms. Roxanne Basham-Ebanks – Member

Ms. Audrey Prendergast – Member

Additionally, the persons who have been reappointed include:

Ms. Angelita Edwards – Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Cashema Clarke – Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Michelle Coleman – Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Nadine McBean – Deputy Chairperson

Mr. Vincent Frederick – Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Pamela Duncan – Member

Ms. Nanalie Cover – Member

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