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The Editor Speaks: When volunteers are “obstructive”

I was startled to hear Terrie Farrington from the Cayman Islands Humane Society Board say on CITN/Cayman27 that some volunteers who walk the Society’s dogs were “obstructive”. Unpaid volunteers who heeded the Society’s appeal for more dog walkers are being…

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Comments are closed due to virus attack and do not use search engine to find us

On Thursday (16) iNews Cayman received an attack on our website when over 1,700 comments were placed every 20 seconds on every story we have published. The only way to stop this was the downloading of very rigurous anti-spam/virus software….

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Belle de Jour’s history of anonymity

From BBC While we may not know their names, anonymous writers have long shaped our worldview, says Brooke Magnanti, who wrote as sex blogger Belle de Jour. How do we know who’s written the words we love to read? The…

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8 Great New Year’s Eve Cocktails

By Katie Waldeck from It’s time to ring in the New Year. Whether you’re hosting a fabulous fête for 150 of your closest friends, or curling up on the couch with loved ones to watch the ball drop, New Year’s Eve is a…

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What comes to mind when you think about the holidays?

By Georgina Wilcox Do you groan, feeling burdened by all you have to do? Do you dread going shopping for gifts or cleaning up after a Christmas celebration? Or, do you feel a sense of fun, of delight, of joy…

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Tell Argentina to Work Harder to Find Marita and End Sex Slavery

Target: Argentina Judicial System Sponsored by: Susan V Over a decade ago, Susana Trimarco’s daughter, Marita Veron, left for a doctor’s appointment in Tucuman, Argentina and never returned. Susana believes that Marita, 23, was kidnapped and forced into sex slavery….

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Jewelry after Christmas gifts that sparkle and shine

By Georgina Wilcox The joyous season of Christmas is steeped in tradition, and gift giving is one ritual that is inseparable from this holiday. Who hasn’t had difficulty at one time or another in choosing a suitable present for a…

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A honeymoon cruise passenger has a nice day on Grand Cayman

This blog was posted by alisueonthemove on her website. She says, “I am an early thirty’s girl trying to get back on track with balancing my diet, working out, friends, and my job.” This is her day in Grand Cayman:…

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Letter to the Editor

Is there sabotage from the unscrupulous legal pundits in the Premier’s Case A Anon  Based on some of the arrogant comments I have been reading in C[ayman] N[ews] S[ervice]. IT APPEARS that the serpents in the legal profession seeking to…

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OCG and Gleaner Editorial

Gleaner Editorial entitled “A measured dialogue on procurement” From the Office of the Contractor-General (OCG) of Jamaica Please see attached communication from the OCG re Jamaican Gleaner Editorial on Monday Dec 24th as below: EDITORIAL – A measured dialogue on…