February 21, 2024

The Editor Speaks: When did the vision of NHDT become blurred?

The National Housing Development Trust (NHDT) is a not-for-profit government company incorporated on 29 September 2003. “Our mission is to construct houses in planned communities and facilitate affordable home ownership for the Caymanian people through several financing options. We facilitate home ownership through two main programs: Affordable Housing Initiatives (AHI) – The NHDT is a […]

Embattled battered booze board

It would seem to the average person on the street that if you appoint a board to oversee the licenses of liquor you need to have persons on it who need to know something about the subject but would receive no direct or even indirect benefits or otherwise from the decisions made.  If you don’t, […]

The Editor Speaks: The environment might now be seen as a priority

With Cayman’s policy towards the environment being woeful, neglectful, and abysmal over the past fifteen years, with even ‘wannabee’ politicians having campaigned last May they are 100% environmentalists – but not now, I could see no change in any governments policy to protect it. It did not feature high on any agenda, if at all. […]

The Editor Speaks: Rivers rushes at media

Whilst iNews Cayman did not join the chorus of where, why and what is Tara Rivers Cayman’s Education and Employment Minister doing in Johannesburg, nor did we call to question who was paying for her trip, we were surprised at the lack of silence by the government on the matter. I was modified when at […]

The Editor Speaks: ‘Friendly’ insurance companies

I have never liked insurance companies. Their blatant misleading advertising how they are there to help you, they are your friends, “get the protection of an insurance company around you” was one such slogan they ran some years in the United Kingdom. Insurance companies are NOT there to help you. They are there to make […]

The Editor Speaks: McLean is now outraged and Miller calls time

Our two Independent Members of the Legislative Assembly, Arden McLean from East End and Ezzard Miller from North Side are still not happy. After their annoyance with the Progressives (PPM) government and in particular the Premier, Alden McLaughlin, for inviting Coalition for Cayman (C4C) member Tara Rivers to the cabinet and appointing ex-premier, McKeeva Bush, […]

The Editor Speaks: Disappointing start to LA

I was expecting much more at Wednesday’s sitting of the Legislative Assembly. I am sure you were all too. The antics from some of the elder Members of the Legislative Assembly with hurt pride blinding their judgment was there for all of us to see as it was televised live. They seem to fail to […]

The Editor Speaks: Disappointing decision from ICCI

“The views or opinions expressed by Sandra Catron are solely her own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of ICCI. This forum is for the purpose of engaging in an educational dialogue among the students and faculty of ICCI and is not open to the public.” This was the statement released to […]

Editorial/Pilots of Caribbean/NASA/Spicy duck

The Editor Speaks: Burglaries are commonplace The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) has been one of the fastest-growing government departments over the past two years. In mid-2010 the RCIPS employed a total of 406 employees. In 2012, the figure had grown to 475 workers. The prisons service had the exact same number of employees […]

The Editor Speaks: Police did well in recapturing 2 out of 3

Hopefully by the time you read this editorial it will be three out of three. I am speaking about the Northward prison escape when convicts Steve Manderson, 44, serving life for murder; his son Marcus Manderson, 25, serving 10-years for possession of an unlicensed firearm; and Chadwick Dale, 22, who stabbed a woman with a […]