December 9, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Police did well in recapturing 2 out of 3

Colin WilsonwebHopefully by the time you read this editorial it will be three out of three.

I am speaking about the Northward prison escape when convicts Steve Manderson, 44, serving life for murder; his son Marcus Manderson, 25, serving 10-years for possession of an unlicensed firearm; and Chadwick Dale, 22, who stabbed a woman with a screwdriver during a robbery, escaped through the perimeter fence.

Almost twelve hours had gone by before the media was provided with descriptions and photographs of the escapees. Even worse, during the night up until the press release came in the morning via Government Information Service, was the media given details of how the men escaped.

I am convinced, if the prison authorities had acted quickly in providing the media with full information, all these prisoners would be behind bars by now.

This is a very small island and it is surrounded by sea. People, especially locals and/or Caymanians, know a LOT of people.

There has been no explanation forthcoming as to why there was such a long delay by the prison authorities nor have I seen my complaint about it taken up by the other media houses.

I have to applaud the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for their efforts in locating two of these dangerous men.

Detective Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay was quick to congratulate Cayman’s community.

“The support we’ve had from the community has been great. I know that people will be encouraged by the results we’ve had so far,” he said.

Yes we are encouraged.

I am not in anyway blaming any of the prison staff who have to deal with prisoners, some violent, with under funding and a prison that has been under fire by outside authorities. It must be demoralizing.

Our new prison boss has been thrown to the lions and if the government will weigh up the cost to the country in manpower when prisoners escape, they might be persuaded to include monies in a budget, which is already lean, with a little beef fat dripping that could find itself behind bars. It would do much good there.

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