September 20, 2021

The Editor Speaks: A very unappealing appeal

Words rarely fail me but they have almost this time. I am referring to the appeal filed in the courts on Friday (23) on Cayman Islands Chief Justice’s decision regarding the election of Tara Rivers in which he ruled for her on both counts. I cannot comprehend the motivation behind the reason for challenging Chief […]

The Editor Speaks: The Power of the JLSC

Sometimes it is necessary to ‘bite the bullet’ It has been revealed by a Freedom of Information Request that Cayman Islands Chief Justice, Anthony Smellie, has spent $360,799.22 on legal fees from the court’s budget seeking a ruling regarding the power of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) established under the new constitution. In […]

McField appeals Rivers ruling

Attorney Steve McField, representing John Gordon Hewitt, has appealed Cayman Islands Chief Justice Anthony Smellie’s judgment in the matter of MLA Tara Rivers eligibility to stand for office in the district of West Bay when he found in her favour. This is surprising, since Section 66 of the Constitution states such rulings are “final, and […]

The Editor Speaks: Michael Myles I am surprised at you

I have had the occasion to listen to Michael Myles, Programme Coordinator at the Ministry of Education & Higher Education, give some speeches and I have been impressed. One such speech, where he pushed very hard for parents to stand up and be counted and support teachers as they cannot educate pupils on their own, […]

The Editor Speaks: A Mac mountain out of nothing

I almost couldn’t believe my ears when I heard our new opposition leader, McKeeva Bush cry “foul” when he not only spoke to CNS and said these words: “The Commonwealth of which the Cayman Islands are a part — and are told we must adhere to all their and other international standards of proper conduct, […]

Cocktails and Cabaret back for an Encore

If you didn’t get to see Cocktails and Cabaret featuring Melanie Ebanks and Friends you have another chance. If you have already seen the show you will want to see it again. All good things come to ye who wait. The wait, however, was not long. Because of the response there will be an encore […]

The Editor Speaks: Outrage continues at sex offender’s paltry sentence

When the Cayman Islands’ Chief Magistrate, Nova hall, handed down a six months jail sentence to a 44 year old local man who admitted molesting his 8-year-old daughter and making her watch pornography including a movie of himself having sex with his girlfriend, I must confess I was shocked and very angry. See iNews Cayman […]

Colin Wilson will die on Dec 8 2044

By Colin Wilson Yes it is true. I went to the website ( mentioned in the two stories below and I put in all my criteria and it told me I will die on December 8th 2044. That means I will be almost 99 and ½ years old. And that extra half year matters as […]

The Editor Speaks: It will be interesting to see CIG’s announcement of CNCF appointees

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) will no longer be able to appoint its own board of directors. A new law will take effect on September 1st 2013 that will give more control directly to the Cayman Islands Government (CIG). At present the chairman of the CNCF is Martyn Bould and the Foundation gets to […]

The Editor Speaks: Dementia

On iNews Cayman’s front page today is the sad, and oh so terrible story, of a brilliant statistics sports columnist and blogger who committed suicide on Thursday August 15th 2013, because he was terrified of succumbing to dementia. Martin Manley shot himself and announced it on two websites – his own site and a […]