December 6, 2023

The Editor Speaks: Prison escape and officials were silent

CITN/Cayman27 first broke the story of three prisoners escaping from HM Northward Prison at around 9:45pm on Wednesday (14) and received confirmation after they had contacted officials. The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) confirmed to CITN that it was true and an official statement would be coming soon. No details were given other than […]

The Editor Speaks: Yes Caymanians first

My editorial claiming the continuation of the rollover policy was wrong provoked some angry retorts. (See “The Editor Speaks: Rollover to stay” published Aug 12 2013 at: Whilst I don’t mind, and in fact encourage a lively exchange of differing views, I get frustrated when persons miss the point of an opposing argument and […]

The Editor Speaks: Why is there no sex education in our government schools?

Currently, no school in the Cayman Islands delivers a consistent, age appropriate comprehensive sexual education curriculum, which is aimed at empowering youth with knowledge, skills and information equipping them to make responsible choices throughout their lives. Those are not my words. They are from 17 year old Madeleine Rowell who has organised a petition for […]

The Editor Speaks: Rollover to stay

Despite campaigning that the Progressives (PPM) would take a ‘hard’ look and re-think on the rollover policy if they got elected (they have) and admitting the rollover had been a mistake, Eric Bush, Cayman’s Home Affairs Chief Officer, has confirmed rollover is to stay. At present nothing has changed. The government has set a late […]

The Editor Speaks: The Rivers run smoothly again

Tara Rivers’ introduction to her political career in Cayman’s waters can be likened to a lazy river water ride found in many amusement parks or water parks. The slow current that normally starts with new young candidates who get elected has not applied to this Rivers. She has been riding a wave as big as […]

The Editor Speaks: Why is protecting our environment a constant battle?

Whilst I applaud our South Sound activists who raised $1,000 last Sunday (4) with a special yoga session (called “Bliss Yoga”) in their campaign against two developments that will affect the coastal environment in their area, it should not have been needed. The South Sound activists, mainly residents there, have been trying to stop environmentally […]

Rivers remains upbeat

Today (Friday) the whole island will be waiting, and as Dave Martins says “pulsating”, and just as eager for Cayman’s Chief Justice, Anthony Smellie, to deliver his judgment at 2:30pm on Minister Tara Rivers’ election case. Courtroom 5 will be crowded as we all wait for a decision that will determine constitutional and Election Law […]

The Editor Speaks: Are we taking bullying in schools seriously?

A local survey recently highlighted that one in three children in Cayman Islands schools has been the subject of being bullied. Bullying behaviour reported by the students included physical assault, tripping, intimidation, rumour spreading and isolation, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, and name-calling. And if that is not enough we […]

The Editor Speaks: Medical tourism

iNews Cayman has published many articles over the last few months on “medical Tourism. Just place ‘medical tourism’ in our own search engine and you will find lots of them. Medical tourism is an area our new government has said they are going to push. We have, of course, the Shetty Hospital to thank for […]

The Editor Speaks: Cruise ship arrivals plummet

In June cruise ship arrivals here reached a record low. In June 2012 cruise ship passengers arriving in Grand Cayman were almost 90,000 whilst this year they had dropped by over 32% to just over 61,000. I was walking around the town centre of George Town one day last week and there was just one […]