January 25, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Yes Caymanians first

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Colin WilsonwebMy editorial claiming the continuation of the rollover policy was wrong provoked some angry retorts. (See “The Editor Speaks: Rollover to stay” published Aug 12 2013 at: https://www.ieyenews.com/2013/08/the-editor-speaks-rollover-to-stay/)

Whilst I don’t mind, and in fact encourage a lively exchange of differing views, I get frustrated when persons miss the point of an opposing argument and refuse to listen and/or actually fail to interpret exactly what you are trying to say.

In my Editorial I was NOT advocating jobs for foreign workers over Caymanians. I was arguing the rollover policy was unnecessary when you have adequate rules in place through the immigration work permit system. This will be especially true when the government’s approval of a change from a maximum of seven years to ten years for the term-limit period for non-Caymanian workers’ residence comes into effect.

Cayman’s premier, Alden McLaughlin, has promised he will be implementing a new task force that will monitor workplaces and ensure employers are obeying the law when it comes to giving qualified Caymanians work.

Excellent. Caymanians first.

The premier also said the issue of enforcement would be at the centre of the reforms. There will be work permit inspectors to properly monitor employers, making sure they are truthful about permit applications and are not just taking on but training and promoting Caymanians.

Excellent. Caymanians first.

McLaughlin pointed to the main weakness in the present immigration system being government’s inability to properly monitor what is actually going on in the workplace.

Excellent. Caymanians first.

He also said the Progressives had focused on immigration during the election campaign because the system at present was hurting Cayman. “It had to be addressed in order to wind up with a balance between employers’ need for permits and full local employment.”

Excellent. Caymanians first.

Councillor, Alva Suckoo, representing Bodden Town emphasised he was going to ensure that the Cabinet listens to concerns of his constituents over unemployment and how that relates to pending immigration changes.

Excellent. Caymanians first.

He said, ““The proposed changes from my point of view were required to level the field and give everyone the same opportunity to apply. I do share the view that any proposed changes must first and foremost help Caymanians, especially when we are faced with so many unemployed Caymanians, and when we consider the level of discrimination towards Caymanians.”

Excellent. Caymanians first.

With all of the above claimed to be implemented may I ask this question?

Why, then, do we need the rollover policy?

I leave the last words to our premier:

“Just because people are allowed to stay long enough to apply for Permanent Residency does not mean they will get to stay.”

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