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The Editor speaks: Happy New Year

A very happy and blessed New Year from Joan, myself, Colleen and Georgina. I leave you with the following prayer and video link from the singer Sissel. PLEASE click the link at the end. You will be rewarded. The New Year lies before you, like a spotless tract of snow.Be careful how you tread on […]

Team Nolan Cayman Heart Fund

(January 2nd, 2020) Team Nolan programme, the pediatric arm of the Cayman Heart Fund, raises public awareness and provides financial assistance to families in Cayman when their child is born with a congenital heart defect, assisting them with expenses associated with urgent pediatric cardiology healthcare. Financial aid may be granted, for example, to assist in […]

After being swallowed in a hurricane two years ago, a buoy as big as a truck was just spit out of the ocean

By Mike Wehner From BGR It’s been an interesting week for Florida residents living near New Smyrna Beach. The typically quiet stretch of coastline has suddenly become a major tourist attraction after a big red buoy described as “the size of a truck” recently washed up there. The marker, which is a navigation tool for […]

Las Vegas News Briefs – January 2020

Fremont Street Experience Unveils Stunning New Graphics and Upgraded Viva Vision CanopyDowntown Las Vegas lit up on New Year’s Eve when Fremont Street Experience debuted an entirely new collection of stunning visuals and 3D graphics created exclusively for its $32 million renovation of Viva Vision, the world’s largest single video screen. By fusing Watchfire Signs’ cutting-edge […]

Samoa is finally crawling its way out of a measles epidemic

By Mike Wehner From BGR It’s been a rough couple of months for the residents of the island nation of Samoa. A measles outbreak has made island life a lot more difficult, with over 5,600 infected individuals and a total of 81 deaths thus far. The outbreak was fueled by an anti-vaccination movement that has […]

Genesis 1st SUV, GV80

GENESIS SHARES IMAGES OF ITS FIRST SUV, GV80 Based on a new rear-wheel-drive platform, GV80 will bring added versatility to the Genesis lineup Signature Athletic Elegance exterior design elements will be refined to fit the first Genesis SUV Technology-focused interior style will underscore the beauty of minimalism SEOUL, South Korea, January 1, 2020 – Today, Genesis shared […]

America’s Party 2020 in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — It’s New Year’s Eve and Las Vegas is the place to be to welcome the year 2020. America’s Party encompassed both the live entertainment at the Fremont Street Experience and the much-anticipated fireworks show on the Las Vegas Strip. America’s Party, co-produced by Fireworks by Grucci, launched from seven rooftop locations. Those locations include (from […]

Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief to retire Friday

By Thodore Bunker From Newsmax The editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, will retire this Friday, a few weeks after penning the editorial calling for President Donald Trump’s removal from office. “Well, my retirement is a couple of days away,” Galli tweeted on Tuesday. “Will be posting here more often now that I have more time on […]

Only 6 cars that should be sold

Here are the only six cars that should be sold By Rhonda Vance From MashViral It seems that every day a new segment of the automotive universe is created. Now there are more subspecies of BMW or Mercedes than heroes in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The burden of choice is real, and how can any of […]

Pope Francis slaps pilgrim’s hand

Pope Francis slaps pilgrim’s hand after she yanks his arm – he later apologises Pope Francis has showed his displeasure towards a visitor in St Peter’s Square on New Year’s Eve. He had been greeting pilgrims when he admonished a woman and slapped her hand after she grabbed his hand and yanked him towards her. […]