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The Editor speaks: Government agencies have “too much red tape to humbug progress”

How many times have we, the public at large, had to deal with government agencies executing willy nilly “too much red tape to humbug progress”? All the time. And now our Lord Chief Justice,Anthony Smellie, has encountered it and uttered the exact statement I have used in my Editorial title – “too much red tape […]

Oldest material on Earth

The oldest material on Earth has been found in a meteorite By Ashley Strickland From CNN Fifty years ago, a meteorite fell to Earth and landed in Australia, carrying with it a rare sample from interstellar space. A new analysis of the meteorite revealed stardust that formed between five to seven billion years ago. That […]

‘Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel’ mashup

James Corden’s ‘Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel’ mashup is a predictable failure By Sam Haysom From Mashable “In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to base an entire big budget blockbuster on a mildly clever, convoluted pun.” That’s the conclusion of Rachel Brosnahan, playing a version of herself in James Corden’s latest silly meta sketch: a […]

Destinations ruined by tourists

By Ben Mack From Business Insider The 2010s saw more people traveling than ever before, according to The Guardian’s report on recent figures from the World Tourism Organization. But millions upon millions of people going on adventures has put pressure on numerous destinations. Some, like Venice, have long been affected by overtourism, but others like Dubrovnik, Croatia, are facing new […]

German judicial scan commends Caribbean Court of Justice

From CCJ A recent study conducted by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the German corporation for international co-operation, found a high level of confidence in the integrity and independence of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The Judicial Integrity Scan also commended the Court for its institutional design, organisational capacities and the competencies of […]

Cayman: YMCA Leaders for Youth Conference THIS Saturday (18)

From Cayman YMCA The final schedule for Saturday’s conference is attached below.  We will have Councillor Barbara Connolly from the Ministry of Education joining us for the official opening which begins at 8:30am.  NOTE: It is St. Ignatius School Hall for the opening and the various sessions will take place in the classrooms and on […]

More studies link vaping to asthma, COPD

From Newsmax Lung illnesses and deaths from vaping have been grabbing headlines for months, and now two new studies offer fresh evidence pointing to long-term respiratory concerns. The studies link the use of electronic cigarettes to asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). “These studies add to the body of evidence on the relationship between […]

Processed foods are making Americans fat

From Newsmax The convenience and lower cost of processed foods is hard to resist. But ready-to-eat meals and snacks are making Americans obese and unhealthy, a new study suggests. As more people eat cheaper processed foods, they are getting fatter, said researcher Leigh Frame, from George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, in Washington, […]

Allison Donahue: US lawmaker Peter Lucido probed for comments to reporter

From BBC A US lawmaker is facing investigation for telling a reporter schoolboys “could have a lot of fun” with her. Allison Donahue, 22, said she felt “humiliated” by the comment Michigan state senator Peter Lucido made when she went to him for comment on a story. His remark was “belittling and it came from […]

‘Alarming’ one in five deaths due to sepsis

By James Gallagher From BBC One in five deaths around the world is caused by sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, shows the most comprehensive analysis of the condition. The report estimates 11 million people a year are dying from sepsis – more than are killed by cancer. The researchers at the University of Washington […]