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Cayman: Outage in the Lime Tree Bay area on Saturday, January 4th, 2020

On Saturday, January 4th, 1,313 customers from The Ritz-Carlton on the West Bay Road/Esterly Tibbetts Highway to the Hydesville Substation on Willie Farrington Drive in West Bay, experienced interruptions to their electricity service in varying durations between 5:58 p.m. and 1:38 a.m. This interruption to service was caused by a tree fire next to a […]

Puzzles for Jan 6/7 2020 Number search/Sudoku/Word search/Crossword


The Editor speaks: New Year Resolutions

Another New Year has gone. My 76th one. Can you guess how old I am? No prize if you’re right. A dunce cap if you’re wrong. I have a question for you? Actually, more than one. Did you make any Resolutions this year? Did you make any Resolutions last year? The year before? Etc.? Etc.? […]

Over 1.1M iguanas culled

Cayman: Green Iguana cull to continue in 2020 – registrations must be renewed 6 January, 2020 The Cayman Islands Green Iguana Cull Project will continue in 2020 and all participating cullers will be required to renew their cull registrations in January. Registration renewals will begin on 6 January, 2020 at the George Town Landfill counting […]

Martin: A solution to myriad 2020 Appreciation Days

By Melissa Martin Around the globe, there are many national awareness days in any given month. Many of these bring awareness to health concerns and important issues. However, some are official or unofficial days probably declared by the bored, irked or goofy, I assume. Some celebrations are silly, some weird, and some ridiculous. Many revolve […]

2020, the year of the Smart Home, expert on helping boost telecos ISP

2020 will be the year of Smart homes, smart cities, IoT, and 5G.  All are accelerating the demand for Edge and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) to connect devices across real-time applications. The race is on: Gartner estimates that global revenues from 5G Network Infrastructure will reach $4.2B in 2020. Subutai’s P2P Edge computing backbone and […]

Acting Classes are BACK

Cayman: Caystage – Acting Classes are BACK THIS WEEK! From Cayman Drama Society ACTING CLASSES START BACK THIS WEEK! ACTING CLASSES ARE BOOKING NOW AND THEY ARE BACK THIS WEEK – If you want to start something new, or re-start an old hobby – this could be the class for you. Click here for more info, […]

Damage reported after 5.7-magnitude quake strikes Puerto Rico

By AP From WLRN A 5.7-magnitude quake jolted Puerto Ricans out of their beds Monday morning, the strongest quake yet to hit the U.S. territory that has been shaking for the past week. The quake struck just south of the island at a relatively shallow depth of 10 kilometers (over 6 miles), according to the […]

Cayman Islands: Cayman Finance Year In Review 2019

Article by Cayman Finance From Mondaq 2019 has been an interesting year to say the least. From multiple office moves to engaging in debate with a UK Labour Party MP at the party’s conference, it is safe to say there have been challenges. Nonetheless, it has been a very productive year for Cayman Finance – producing […]

Harvey Weinstein charged with sexual assault in Los Angeles

From BBC Harvey Weinstein has been charged with sexual assault in Los Angeles on the same day he appeared in a New York court on a separate case. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said the charges related to the alleged sexual assault of two women in 2013. If convicted, Mr Weinstein could face […]