July 23, 2021

Undercover investigations expose brutal wildlife killing contests

Welcome to the cruel world of wildlife killing contests, family events where children play amidst piles of slaughtered animals—and legal in 42 states. By Katie Stennes / Independent Media Institute You would really have to try hard to find anything more depraved than a wildlife killing contest, which targets coyotes, foxes, bobcats, squirrels, raccoons, crows and […]

Cayman: Blue Iguana Gardens

13th July 2021 – Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC) is excited to announce their Blue Iguana Gardens initiative. Individuals, families, schools, local businesses and developers can sign up and identify areas within private land and gardens in order to grow and maintain supplemental food sources for the blue iguanas housed at the conservation breeding facility. Plants […]

Why we should change how we talk about nonhuman animals

We wouldn’t say “it” or “that” when referring to humans, so why would we for other sentient individuals? By Debra Merskin, Carrie P. Freeman and Alicia Graef / Independent Media Institute Happy has to be one of the most ironic names for an Asian elephant whose living conditions have prompted groundbreaking legal action on her behalf. Her […]

Best Dog Breeds

Best Dog Breeds – Most Popular Types of Dogs Most prospective pet owners are spoiled for choice when on the hunt for the ideal four-legged family member. While there is no single, perfect breed, some might better suit your preferences and personality than others.  If you’re ready to take on the responsibilities of deworming, vaccinations, […]

To save planet, solve twin crises of climate change and species loss together, say UN scientists

Some climate solutions can actually harm biodiversity. But there are synergistic solutions that can tackle both issues. By Reynard Loki / Independent Media Institute The natural world is undergoing two enormous crises that are currently threatening the natural world: climate change and biodiversity loss. These crises are intertwined. Climate change is cur­rently impacting 19 percent […]

Cayman Turtle Centre to host Sea Turtle Festival

Cayman Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (CTCEC) is pleased to announce its first annual Sea Turtle Festival, to be held June 16-20, 2021. The five-day long schedule of events will celebrate all things sea turtle with activities that range from conservation and education initiatives to art and wellness events. On Wednesday 16th June, the Centre will […]

The Dog Gets It

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio When HiFi Family member Ed Spilka sent me the following note I just had to smile. How many times have I heard a similar story? Too many times to count. And here’s the thing. It’s not just about vinyl. I have heard the same stories about DSD, vacuum tubes, […]

Bass fishing tips: How to catch bass in the Spring & Summer

From US Angler Largemouth bass. These two words are enough to send a shiver of excitement up an angler’s spine. If you’ve ever tied into a big female, watching her leap clear of the water in an effort to throw your hook, you know why. That first glimpse of a fantastic fish, the rush of […]

Reynard Loki: Most Americans don’t approve of Animal Testing—Will the U.S. Congress finally pass legislation to end it?

The Humane Research and Testing Act seeks to move the U.S. toward more ethical methods of researching human disease that don’t involve animals. By Reynard Loki / Independent Media Institute The life of a mouse or a rat is an unenviable one. Chances are that if you’re in the urban wild, you must contend with […]

Schenck Process with strong start into 2021: Record high in order intake and launch of digital brand

Highlights Q1 2021: Order intake 231m€; up 44%; a record high Sales 147m€; up 13% Adjusted EBITDA 17.2m€; up 34% with improved EBITDA-margin of 11.7% (Q1 2020: 9.9%) Baker Perkins, the Group’s recent acquisition, outperforming expectations Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Group has made a strong start to 2021 delivering a good Q1 […]