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Cayman: If weight management is your goal, this newsflash is for you

From Begin 2020 With A Fresh Start Rather than trying to fit yourself into yet another “restrictive, boxed diet” that limits foods, calories & satisfaction, make the wiser choice for successful weight management with: Fresh Start and Donna.  It’s her proven method for achieving and maintaining your healthiest weight, with ease. Support       Solutions      Inspiration  Program Details Fresh […]

Drugmakers hike 2020 medicine prices despite US lawmakers’ ire

From Newsmax Ever increasing complaints over the high price of medical treatments did little to stop drugmakers from raising prices again for 2020. The price hikes picked up by Wall Street analysts were in the mid- to low single digits. The biggest increase from large drugmakers so far appears to come from Pfizer Inc. on […]

Martin: Pay attention to the warnings of wake-up calls

Have you ignored the red flashing light on your vehicle’s dashboard? Have you ignored the hole in your shoe? Have you ignored a personal problem? We can miss or even dismiss warning signs of danger ahead. Shock and surprise can knock us off life’s balancing beam. A wake-up call shouts, “Now, I have your attention!” […]

Obama hosted pro-Iran official tied to Baghdad Embassy siege

By Jason Devaney From Newsmax One of the people accused of abetting this week’s attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad made an appearance at a 2011 Oval Office meeting with President Barack Obama. Hadi al-Amiri is a member of the Iraqi Parliament but is viewed as Iran’s conduit into Iraq via his post as […]

TomTom maps help trucks to save fuel

CES Las Vegas, January 2 2020 – TomTom (TOM2), Bosch and Daimler have announced theirjoint work on Daimler’s Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), an advanced driver assistancesystem (ADAS), or smart cruise control, for commercial vehicles. Trucks use TomTom’s highly-accurate ADAS Map and Bosch’s electronic horizon to automate driving functions on highways and, in Europe, on inter-urban roads too. The system leads to a fuel reduction of up to 5% per vehicle, which delivers lower CO2 emissions. In the new generation of the Mercedes-BenzActros, the latest PPC technology is available. The public premiere was at IAA 2018. As the first smart cruise […]

Squandering skills

By Paul McGowan From PS Audio What few maths skills I once possessed rusted away at the hands of a calculator. And similarily, I used to be a whiz at turntable setup, but now it all looks like a mystery. And it’s been 10 years since I sat at my design bench and plugged transistors and […]

fDi Tourism locations of the future 2019/20 ranking

By Niamh Gorman From FDi Thailand has held on to its title of fDi’s Tourism Location of the Future, followed by Macau and Portugal.  Thailand has retained its crown as the most attractive location for investment in fDi’s Tourism Locations of the Future ranking for 2019/20. With its impressive capacity for continuous growth in the sector, Thailand continues […]

The year and the decade in weather and climate: A meta-lookback

By Bob Henson From Weather Underground Rather than trying to wrap my own arms around the smorgasbord of weather and climate events we saw in 2019 and throughout the 2010s—keeping in mind that many people define the decade as ending a year from now—I thought I’d use this final Category 6 post of the year to […]

Eco-friendly living: 25 green energy tips

We’re all aware of how serious climate change is, so if you’re wanting to be more environmentally friendly, you need to know that it’s not just about reducing your plastic bag usage. If you’re serious about making a difference and doing your bit to help save the planet, there are many other small but subtle […]

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