May 30, 2023

10 fast-start tips to help job seekers launch a career, get moticed and achieve early success

New London, NH, April 25, 2023 — Recent college graduates preparing to enter the workforce as well as anyone returning to work following military service, child-rearing or a pandemic-related furlough will find an abundance of wisdom in Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence: Practical Christ-Centered Advice for Entering or Re-entering the Workforce, the new book from former […]

No Megalodons were harmed in the making of this movie

Steve Allen West Palm Beach, FL, May 4, 2023 —Steve Alten’s preoccupation with prehistoric sea creatures opened up an underwater world of creative possibilities for the New York Times bestselling author, spawning his legendary MEG series and the 2018 blockbuster movie, THE MEG. And now, fans of frightening shark tales have another reason to celebrate: the […]

Unexpected Insights for Modern Parents: Children can be far more helpful and capable than we allow them to be

Brooklyn, NY, May 3, 2023 — Cornelius N. Grove, an authority on children’s learning across cultures, recently studied child-raising practices in five traditional (pre-modern) societies. What he learned transformed his ideas about both children and parenting. “What astonished me about parents in traditional societies is how uninvolved they are with their children,” he said, adding, […]

Well rRenowned geologist launches book “Geology of the Cayman Islands”

The Water Authority – Cayman is pleased to announce that Dr Brian Jones has completed the book Geology of the Cayman Islands: Evolution of Complex Carbonate Successions on Isolated Oceanic Islands. The Authority hosted the official book launch reception on 3 May 2023 at the George Town Yacht Club to celebrate this momentous occasion.  Dr Brian […]

Cayman’s first 10-storey commercial building, packed with modern sustainability features, officially opens its doors

Camana Bay’s newest building and the first 10-storey commercial building in the Cayman Islands has officially opened its doors. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on 20 April signalling the opening of 60 Nexus Way. The upper floors will soon be home to high-profile tenants, including Appleby, the oldest legal practice in the Cayman Islands […]

40th Anniversary Grenada Invasion October 2023 – The Grenada Gulag

By Peter Polack GRENADA – The island of Grenada is best known worldwide for two things: nutmeg and revolution. Nutmeg has several interesting characteristics which were revealed in the events surrounding the revolution. The sex of the nutmeg cannot be determined until it flowers several years after it is planted, a remarkable similarity to the ideology […]

Paul McGowan: My new book just published

By Paul McGowan I am excited to let you know that I just launched a brand new book. No, it’s not a memoir like my last one, 99% True. Instead, it’s a novel. A thriller that I have been working on for the past 15 years. And now it is ready. “I just finished reading The […]

This Day In April: Soviet Spies Worldwide: Country by Country, 1940–1988 Extracts

Peter Polack By Peter Polack Forty-seven Soviet personnel were expelled from France on 5 April 1983 for what was described as “a systematic search on French territory for technological and scientific information, particularly in the military area.”. A French Interior Ministry statement noted that the number of Soviet residents in France had increased by about […]

Hidden Truth: Caribbean soldier executions in the First World War by Peter Polack

Seventeen year old Herbert Morris a Jamaican from Riversdale in the parish if St. Catherine was executed on 20 September 1917 behind a church in Poperinge, Belgium. He was one of thousands of West Indian volunteers who travelled thousands of miles to war in a strange land only to die from court martial for essentially […]

Prolific author packs a career’s worth of wisdom into free, interactive E-Book to give ‘Would-Be Writers’ the confidence to put their words on paper

Westwood, NJ, March 27, 2023 — Prolific author Hank Quense shares his wealth of knowledge regarding fiction and nonfiction writing, self-publishing and book marketing in his new, free, interactive e-book, My Stuff: A Comprehensive Guide for Today’s Authors. Quense been writing for over 20 years and has published 45 short stories, a dozen novels and […]