May 16, 2022

Good Food for Cat’s Mood

Humans have a fundamental need for food; it provides us with energy and health to deal with the stresses of daily life. We cannot exist without food, and without nourishment for an extended time, we get restless. Like us, cats need food to survive and nourish their agile bodies. Do you know that hunting for […]

How to recognize and treat emotional issues in your pet

By Lynn Allison From Newsmax Most pet owners pay attention to the physical health of their furry companions, but we probably don’t realize the importance of their emotional health, and how it factors into every other aspect of their well-being, as well as our own. According to the American Pet Products Association, about 69% of U.S. households […]

Benefits of dog Insurance

When it comes to being a pet parent, even the thought of it can make a pet lover go crazy with love and thrill. There isn’t a single reason as to why not. Especially when you’re petting a dog, you’d have already started browsing through breeders and pet shops- and then the hustle of deciding […]

Would dogs be better off without us?

A thought experiment tells us a lot about man’s best friend—and ourselves. By Jessica Pierce and Marc Bekoff / Independent Media Institute Would dogs be better off without us? This may be a difficult question to consider if you live with a dog, love dogs, and find beauty in the enduring loyalty of the human-dog […]

Can your pet get COVID-19?

From Newsmax Can your pet get COVID-19? Yes, pets and other animals can get the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but health officials say the risk of them spreading it to people is low. Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, otters, hyenas and white-tailed deer are among the animals that have tested positive, in most cases after contracting […]

UK: Where in London are you most likely to find a pet-friendly rental?

From James Lockett ProperPR The latest research by Bective has revealed how changes to the model tenancy agreement have impacted London’s tenants looking to rent with a pet and where across the capital offers the best chance of finding a pet-friendly rental property.  The research shows that: –  –          Just 17% of London landlords have opened […]

Caring for your dog: Deworming, vaccinations, flea, dental, spaying

When you add a dog to your home, you should do more than provide him or her water, food and shelter. You need to take care of your dog’s wellbeing by visiting the vet every once in a while to ensure your dog avoids sickness and other problems. As you care for your new furry […]

How to keep a dog warm while camping

It’s always important to take good care of your dog especially when you are taking him out camping. Keeping your dog warm while camping is necessary because the nights can be extremely cold in winters.  When you are doing backpacking with your dog then never forget to carry things that keep him warm.  Camping with […]

Types of Pet Insurance policy

It is very important to insure your pet. The process of getting your dog insured involves you comparing different types of pet insurance. This can be a challenging process especially if you are not aware of what each insurance policy covers. Before you start assessing different insurance policies and comparing them, you should identify a […]

Can CBD dog treats be an alternative to several pet medicine?

In this modern age, scientists were able to invent a compound derived from cannabis to manage our stress, anxiety, and some other clinically diagnosed illnesses. This compound is called CBD, short for Cannabidiol. Many of the users were millennials racking up about 32%, while the older adults, or what they called “boomers,” had only 12% […]