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The Editor speaks: The assault on the West Bay Road by ??/?? – UPDATED

“Police continue to investigate the assault that took place on Friday 21 February at the Coral Beach. The parties involved were all said to be present between 8:30PM on Friday 21 February and 12:30AM on Saturday, 22 February. “Police are appealing to everyone who was present at this location during this time frame provided, to […]

Annual survey of breeding turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre

The mature turtles of the Cayman Turtle Centre’s Breeder Pond mate and lay their eggs in the sandy “beach” area at the pond side, during their nesting season which lasts from April through to November. These turtles are all very important to the Centre’s conservation programmes, and great care is taken to ensure that they […]

Cayman National Choir and Orchestra Royal Variety Performance

For their first concert of the 2020 season the Cayman National Choir & Orchestra will present A Royal Variety Performance sponsored by Island Heritage. Musical directors Sue Horrocks and Jonathan Taylor have arranged a musical program which brings the choir and orchestra together in a concert with a rousing royal theme. The audience can expect to enjoy the pomp […]

Cayman: Miller calls on Speaker to resign or be removed from office

MLA Ezzard Miller responds to Cayman News Service’s inquiry on the reports of a matter concerning the Speaker over the weekend: I am disappointed and saddened by the events reported in the media over the weekend and by the subsequent statement by the Speaker, the Hon. McKeeva Bush. While the matter is under investigation and […]

Cayman: Premier addresses Speaker’s statement

“I want briefly to address the statement that was issued by the Speaker of the House yesterday. Before I do that, I wish to express my deep regret and that of the Government at this most unfortunate incident and to extend our support to the lady that has suffered injury and distress as a result. […]

Cayman: Public statement regarding the Speaker’s incident from MLA Kenneth Bryan

As an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly, I, like many others, have concerns with the rumours surrounding the incident on the 21st February involving the Honourable Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.  Though the full details are limited, it’s important that the people of the Cayman Islands know that this matter is something I am […]

Cayman: Fuel odor coming from old Rubis fuel farm

From CIAA Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (25 February 2020) During excavation for the construction of the new aircraft parking area for Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA), to the east of the current ramp, an odor of fuel was detected at the site of the old Rubis fuel farm. It has been determined that there is some […]

TCO Awards 2020

The total cost of ownership event of the year Electrification, shared economy, digital demands, a shifting industry landscape and new business models take the headlines. But the growth driver for the automotive industry continues to be the Total Cost of Ownership. To recognise this and the people across our industry focused on this key metric, […]

Auto Mobility LIVE speaker: Sebastian Fuchs

Autovista Group announces Sebastian Fuchs,  Managing Director Manheim and RMS Continental Europe at Cox Automotive, will be joining the formidable line-up of speakers at Auto Mobility LIVE, 9 June in Berlin. Sebastian understands remarketing challenges from all angles, having held positions at Jaguar Land Rover, Hyundai, Europcar and Volvo. Now at Manheim, he offers a unique insight […]

Netflix’s new Top 10 lists tell you what’s popular

And Xbox Series X specs. By Richard Lawler From engadget Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Nearly every day, there’s at least one post I always see on social media: What’s good to watch on Netflix? Despite all the money and time invested in creating a recommendation engine and a library of content that should […]