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Cricket Marsh Cup

Everything About the Cricket Marsh Cup n 2021-22, the Marsh One-Day Cup celebrated its 53rd year on the official List. The reigning champions were New South Wales. The tournament final was set for February 27, 2022, and Cricket Australia officially…

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Extensive underwater camera network to monitor and protect ocean wildlife and blue economies

The ocean wildlife and diverse ecosystems of the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) will soon be more visible than ever thanks to pioneering work to establish a major network of underwater camera deployments. Funded as part of the UK Government Blue…

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Absolute moo-nit: Look at this really big cow

BY CHLOE BRYAN From Mashable Friends, gather round. We’d like you to look at this really big cow (OK, steer) named Knickers, who is six feet, three inches tall and currently dwarfing his peers on a farm in Western Australia….

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Some people thought this meteor in Australia was a UFO

BY MORGAN SUNG From Mashable A meteor seared over Australia on Tuesday night, lighting up the sky over Perth. According to the ABC, the local Department of Fire and Emergency Services received calls from “more than one concerned caller” who…

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US firm begins final search for MH370 with underwater drones

A United States-based seabed exploration firm finalized a deal to continue searching for the missing flight MH370 with the Malaysian government on Friday, according to Newsweek. It’s been almost three years since the Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared with 239 people…

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Dolphins prove they’re the coolest animals alive by hydroplaning on the shore

BY SAMANTHA SCELZO From Mashable Just when you thought dolphins couldn’t get any smarter or cooler, they show up every other animal in the kingdom and hydroplane like the speed demons they are. In this video uploaded to Youtube by…

Scientists are using satellites to spot whales from outer space

BY ARIEL BOGLE from Mashable A humpback whale may be a huge creature to the human eye, but they’re still tough to spot from space. Until recently, the necessary high-resolution satellite technology wasn’t readily available, but researchers in Western Australia…

World’s oldest axe

The ‘discovery’ of the world’s oldest ax reveals a major problem in this field By Peter Hiscock, The Conversation From Business Insider The discovery of evidence of the world’s oldest axe is reported by my colleagues and I in a…

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Scientist: Caribbean whales speak with an accent, mon!

By GEOFFREY GILLER/HAKAI MAGAZINE From Virgin Islands Free Press If you want to know where someone comes from, you might listen to how they speak. Their accent or use of particular words may give you clues to their provenance. As…

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Two people in Sydney diagnosed with Zika virus after arriving back from the Caribbean

By AAP and RACHEL EDDIE and LUCY THACKRAY FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA Two Sydney residents diagnosed with mosquito-borne Zika virus The infection was detected on Friday, NSW Health confirmed on Tuesday They had recently returned from travels in the Caribbean…