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Dolphins prove they’re the coolest animals alive by hydroplaning on the shore


Just when you thought dolphins couldn’t get any smarter or cooler, they show up every other animal in the kingdom and hydroplane like the speed demons they are.

In this video uploaded to Youtube by BBC Earth, dolphins in Western Australia hunt for fish by zooming along the shoreline in the most majestic, speedy fashion.

According to the video, dolphins usually stun their prey by slapping it with their tails. But for these dolphins, the fish are just a bit out of reach. So to capture their dinner, they wind up by vigorously pumping their tails to gain speed, and then hydroplane at super speed to grab the fish.

No, the video isn’t sped up – those guys are really going that fast.

There’s little room for error because if this strategy goes south for the dolphins, they could end up stranded on the shore.

But life in the ocean works as it does on land – “fortune favors the brave.”

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