March 21, 2023

The Top 10 Best Global Beverage Trends in 2022-23

The beverage industry is a multi-billion dollar market that is growing rapidly. The beverage industry has risen over the last decade, with increased consumers looking for healthier products and better taste. Due to this trend, many new beverages are being introduced into the market every year. Here are the best beverage drink trends that we […]

6 healthier alternatives to sports drinks, according to dietitians

By Abigail Abesamis From Business Insider The key components of sports drinks are water, carbohydrates, and electrolytes. INSIDER consulted two registered dietitians to get recommendations for sports drink alternatives. Options like coconut water have many of the same hydrating properties of sports drinks without added ingredients. Despite what sports drink ads might make you think, you probably don’t […]

Global coconut profile opening huge opportunity for Caribbean economies. But will they seize it?

From Stabroek News What is being regarded globally as a breakthrough period for the coconut industry linked to skyrocketing demand for coconut water, oil and other products is being regarded as an opportunity for the region which it cannot afford to pass up. For sure, global coconut production is dominated by the Asian continent and […]

New guidelines for Caribbean coconut farmers

From Caribbean National Weekly Coconut farmers and others involved in the industry in the Caribbean, will have to adhere to an improved set of guidelines, under the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality’s (CROSQ) Coconut Water Standard. The new guidelines, agreed to at a meeting in Barbados on Monday, outlines, among other things, the […]

Recipe of the week

Recipe of the week – Breakfast Chocolate Valentine’s Day and Chocolate go together as milk and cream but chocolate for breakfast? Read on… 12 Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast By Dana Velden From The Kitchn Cocoa & Toast Bread Pudding (Image credit: Emma Christensen) Chocolate for breakfast! Chocolate for breakfast! There are no good […]


CWA – Coconuts Back in Demand! CWA CLIPPING: “Coconuts Bounce back” The strength of the Caribbean coconut industry, which is in a boom due to the renewed focus on health and wellnesss, is a significant component of the ongoing Caribbean Week of Agriculture (CWA) discussions, being hosted by the Cayman Islands Government. Last night the […]

CISA goes nuts about coconuts

The Cayman Islands Agricultural Society will be hosting Coconut Festival on Saturday, 29 September in conjunction with Market at the Grounds. Labeled a traditional Caymanian Day, the event will focus on all things coconut. There will be sampling of traditional Cayman coconut dinners such as conch stew, beans with pie, plus coconut ice-cream, coconut candy, […]