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The Top 10 Best Global Beverage Trends in 2022-23

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The beverage industry is a multi-billion dollar market that is growing rapidly. The beverage industry has risen over the last decade, with increased consumers looking for healthier products and better taste. Due to this trend, many new beverages are being introduced into the market every year. Here are the best beverage drink trends that we expect to see in 2022-23:

Coffee Cocktails

According to the research figures accumulated by Zippia, coffee is consumed by around 62% of the total people in America. That’s above half of the total population. So you can imagine if you add Alcohol to it, which is again consumed by most, how its impact is on the beverage market. Such influence has been created by Coffee Cocktails, which has both.

Coffee cocktails are a great way to get your caffeine fix, and they can be made by mixing Alcohol with espresso or cold-brew. Coffee cocktails can also be served hot or cold. Some people like to drink their coffee cocktail with a bit of milk if it’s been chilled, while others prefer theirs neat.

When it comes to mixing drinks, it’s all about experimentation. You don’t have to stick with spirits that you usually think of when making classic cocktails, including rum, vodka, whiskey, etc.

Low-ABV Cocktails

Low-ABV cocktails are a big trend, and they’re here to stay. Low-ABV cocktails are those with alcohol levels of less than 5% ABV, which is Alcohol by volume. It is the perfect option for people who want to enjoy the taste of Alcohol without getting too buzzed.

TGI Fridays started the low-ABV cocktail trend by introducing their new BUBBLE BASH. It was a fun cocktail that offered an appealing balance between sweet and sour flavors. This drink is sure to be one you won’t soon forget.


Hibiscus drink is an ornamental plant and the flower of the genus Hibiscus, which also includes the okra. Its form is similar to that of cotton in its appearance. However, it’s often used as a vegetable and belongs to the same family as hibiscus flowers: Malvaceae.

The flower has a long history as part of herbal medicine in many cultures worldwide. For example, ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it for treatment purposes such as lowering blood sugar levels and improving circulation. You can dry the petals before being steeped into tea or use them alone for making jams. They have a sweet flavor with hints of citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons.

Ice-Cold Slushy

An ice-cold slushy is a beverage drink that has been one of the most popular drinks in North America. The beverage consists of carbonated water and flavoring. They are mixed to create a liquid substance with a consistency similar to soft serve ice cream. Unlike traditional soft-serve ice cream, however, it doesn’t have any dairy products and thus does not need to be fully frozen before consumption.

Bubble Tea/BOBA

Bubble tea, also known as BOBA, is a popular drink that has taken the world by storm. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and was brought over to America in the mid-1990s by immigrants.

In addition to its traditional black or green base, you can customize bubble tea with different fruit flavors like mango, strawberry, peach milk, or passionfruit juice. These flavored teas are topped off with tapioca pearls that expand when they hit your tongue, giving your tastebuds an added burst of flavor.

Bubble tea has become popular with young adults across North America because it offers something new and exciting in a market dominated by coffee shops. In addition, many millennials are looking for healthier alternatives to their morning cup of joe, and this sweet beverage fits the bill perfectly. As a result, its market is increasing yearly. It is projected to grow to USD 3.39 billion by 2027 from what it was in 2019, which was USD 2.02 billion, states Fortune Business Insights in their report. 

Boxed Wine

Boxed wine is a relatively new item on the market, so it’s still exciting to see how it develops. As a convenience product that can be stored easily in your home or office fridge, boxed wine offers something for everyone.

The portability of this product also makes it ideal for any occasion, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or celebrating with coworkers after work. With their price point and accessibility, these boxed wines have become an all-around favorite in recent years.

Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktails are an ideal way to enjoy a cocktail on the go. The can is a great way to preserve the flavor of the cocktail, and you can also use it if you’re looking for easy accessibility. For example, you might want to take your canned cocktail while camping without worrying about breaking it.

Canned cocktails are available in almost every state in America, and they come in various flavors and styles. Some are made from fresh fruits and vegetables; others contain only fresh ingredients like coconut water or freshly squeezed juice.

Smoothie Shots

Smoothie shots are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and nutrients. Smoothies are already a popular drink, but this trend makes them even more convenient. You can take the fruit smoothie shots on the go or with you in the car or office. They come in small bottles that can fit perfectly into any purse or desk drawer. In addition, these drinks don’t have any sugar added, and they’re made with all-natural ingredients.

One of the reasons smoothies have become so popular is because they’re known for having high-quality ingredients that provide all sorts of health benefits. These benefits could be the like of increasing energy levels to improving digestion.

Low Carb Beer

Low-carb beer is a great way to enjoy your favorite beer while watching your waistline. Low-carb beer contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than regular beer, making it easier to stick with a diet. It’s also an excellent choice for people who want to cut out some sugar in their lives. Most low-carb beers are added with artificial sweeteners instead of natural sugars.

This trend hasn’t caught on as much as other trends, but we think that it has the potential to do so. You’ll find lots of low-carb brews at your local liquor store. These could have light lagers that taste similar to regular beers but with fewer carbs or darker stouts with fewer carbs and calories like Guinness.

Flavored Waters

Flavored waters are the perfect alternative to sugary drinks. In addition, flavored waters can be a great way to get kids to drink more water. Flavored waters are so popular that they’ve even been added to school cafeterias across the country.

Flavored water companies have been growing in popularity. They offer new flavors every season while maintaining a low-calorie, healthy beverage option for consumers.

The Future of Beverage Drinks is Exciting

We hope this article has helped you understand why we are so excited about the future of beverages. As you can see, a lot of innovation is happening in the industry, which means more choices for consumers and brand opportunities. We are looking forward to seeing what comes next.



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