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CISA goes nuts about coconuts

Kids enjoy watermelon during Mango Fest, which CISA is also responsible for.

The Cayman Islands Agricultural Society will be hosting Coconut Festival on Saturday, 29 September in conjunction with Market at the Grounds.

Labeled a traditional Caymanian Day, the event will focus on all things coconut. There will be sampling of traditional Cayman coconut dinners such as conch stew, beans with pie, plus coconut ice-cream, coconut candy, drops, tarts  and of course, coconut water.  Local chefs taking part in this event are Alvin McLaughlin, Eulene McLaughlin, Ivy Thomas and Ms Zelma Lee Ebanks, to name a few.

Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for Department of Agriculture (DoA) under which the CIAS falls, said she was pleased to see the society highlighting traditional foods and their various uses.

“Most people, especially older folks, are aware of the many benefits of coconuts, especially the water, which is great for replacing electrolytes. Coconut oil is also a favourite, for good reason. It adds a distinct flavour to cooking and is useful for beauty treatments including hair and skin care, as well as to fight infection,” Hon. O’Connor-Connolly stated.

“Young people need to re-acquainted with some of our traditional foods and events such as Coconut Festival will brings these traditions back to the forefront,” the Deputy Premier added.

Kerry Forbes, a CIAS representative and one of the organizers of  the event, thanked the Ministry of District Administration, Works, Lands, Agriculture, DoA, Health Services Authority and Freedom of Information Office that are assisting with hosting this event and the participating local chefs for supporting the event.

“I encourage everyone to come out and experience this event, which will be an amazing showcase of the many creative ways that coconut can be enjoyed. Not only will there be delightful samples, but persons can avail themselves of the many educational materials that will be on hand,” she stated.

The Health Services Authority will also be on hand to provide information of the health benefits of coconut and the Freedom of Information Office will take the opportunity to encourage the public to know their rights.

Coconut Festival is free to the public and is scheduled for 29 September from  9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, with fun and food for the entire family to enjoy.



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