February 21, 2024

Why Is Claudine Gay still the President of Harvard?

The main gate and the Massachusetts Hall, the oldest (1720) building in the Harvard university campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Wiktor Wojtas/Dreamstime.com) By Susan Estrich From Newsmax It’s time for Claudine Gay to step down as president of Harvard University. The embattled new president, only six months into the job, has failed. If she were a student, she’d […]

Life Hacks: Get prepared for a sudden drug test

Public perception of Marijuana changes rapidly. According to this National Affairs article, support for legalization skyrocketed from a mere 12% in the ’90s to a whopping 60% today. Cannabis use is legal in 18 states already. Unfortunately, many employers don’t really want to go with the flow or don’t read the latest legislation updates. A […]

ABC raid: Outcry as Australian police search public broadcaster

from BBC A police raid on Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) has drawn fire from broadcasters and rights groups. Officers arrived at the public broadcaster’s Sydney headquarters with search warrants naming two reporters and the news director. The ABC has protested over the raid. Police searched the home of a News Corp journalist on Tuesday, sparking alarm. […]

Darwin shooting: Four killed in northern Australia

From BBC A gunman shot dead four people and injured another at five different locations in the northern Australian city of Darwin, officials said. The 45-year-old suspect, who was known to the police, was arrested an hour after the first shots were reported at about 18:00 local time (08:30 GMT). Police said they believed the […]

Alex Trebek: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak reacts to ‘Jeopardy’ Emcee’s cancer revelation

By JOSE BASTIDAS From pop Culture Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajack is sending his support to Alex Trebek following news of his cancer diagnosis. The Jeopardy! emcee broke the news Wednesday that he is suffering from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Sajak released a statement on the news of his longtime friend’s diagnosis on Twitter. “The Sajak family is […]

Worst TV shows 3

The 50 worst TV shows in modern history, according to critics By John Lynch From Business Insider Part 2 – Third 12 23. “The Trouble With Normal” (ABC, Season 1) 23. ABC Critic score: 25/100 User score: Unavailable What critics said: “ABC has been promoting the heck out of ‘The Trouble With Normal,’ but the […]

Worst TV shows 2

The 50 worst TV shows in modern history, according to critics By John Lynch From Business Insider Part 2 – Second 14 37. “Rules of Engagement” (CBS, Season 1) 37. CBS Critic score: 28/100 User score: 7.5/10 What critics said: “The series quickly begins to resemble one of those fake sitcoms you’d see in a […]

Worst TV shows 1

The 50 worst TV shows in modern history, according to critics John Lynch Oct. 1, 2018, 11:06 AM Part 1 – First 12 cavemen ABC’s “Cavemen.” ABC Many of the worst television shows originate from some highly questionable concepts that make you wonder how they ever got approved. ABC’s “Cavemen” series in 2007, for instance, […]

NBC’s broadcast of the 70th awards falls short of the previous year and records its smallest audience ever.

From Hollywood Reporter The Emmy Awards delivered a big night for streaming services Monday, but not for the broadcast networks — both in terms of awards won and, for NBC, the number of people watching. Updated ratings taking the live telecast into account have the audience at 10.21 million viewers, an all-time low and down […]

Some people thought this meteor in Australia was a UFO

BY MORGAN SUNG From Mashable A meteor seared over Australia on Tuesday night, lighting up the sky over Perth. According to the ABC, the local Department of Fire and Emergency Services received calls from “more than one concerned caller” who thought the meteor could be a UFO. The meteor’s fiery descent was captured on several […]